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Are You Grinding Your Teeth At Night? [QUIZ]

Sometimes, you can be under stress and not know it. When that happens, your body will figure out a way to tell you. Teeth grinding is something many people do without realizing it, and it’s often traced back to stress. The problem is even more complicated because you could be doing it at night and not know about it. Take today’s quiz to see if you might be grinding your teeth at night. Then reach out to Davenport Dental Group for treatment. It could relieve your painful symptoms and save your teeth! To find relief from teeth grinding and its symptoms, or to request an appointment for ...


Could Restorative Dentistry Save Your Smile? [QUIZ]

As strong as your teeth are, they can need a little help from time to time. That’s what restorative dentistry at Davenport Dental Group is for! For example, our CEREC technology has brought precision, beauty, and convenience to dental crowns in our Laredo, TX dental offices. Think you might need restorative dentistry to save your smile? Take today’s quiz to find out, then give us a call! For an appointment at Davenport Dental Group, fill out our online form. Or call one of our two Laredo, TX -area locations: Junction Drive at 956-242-6745 or Winfield at 956-517-2695.


Technology Is Changing Dental Care For The Better [VIDEO]

Dental care has never been better thanks to advanced technology like you’ll find at Davenport Dental Group. That translates to more accurate diagnosis and more comfortable, effective treatment. Here’s more from our own Dr. Dick Davenport! Listen to what he has to say about the ways technology is changing the dental experience for patients in our Laredo, TX offices. To schedule an appointment at Davenport Dental Group, fill out our online form. Or call one of our two Laredo, TX -area locations: Junction Drive at 956-242-6745 or Winfield at 956-517-2695.


Your Comfort Matters To Our Caring Dental Staff [VIDEO]

A warm, friendly staff goes a long way at Davenport Dental Group. In our Laredo, TX dental office, we do all we can to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible, which means providing a relaxing environment and sedation options. Hear more from Dr. Matthew Davenport about how we can help ease your mind about dental care! For an appointment at Davenport Dental Group, fill out our online form. Or call one of our two Laredo, TX -area locations: Junction Drive at 956-242-6745 or Winfield at 956-517-2695.


Four Ways to Fix Crooked Teeth

Whether you’ve lived with crooked teeth your entire life or they’ve shifted in adulthood, you may suffer from chronic self-consciousness and feel embarrassed every time you open your mouth. Maybe you’ve mastered the closed-mouth smile or have developed the habit of hiding behind your hand. Now is as good a time as ever to get the gorgeous, perfectly straight grin you’ve always wanted. And you do it without enduring years of wearing unattractive and uncomfortable metal braces on your teeth. In fact, you can do it without wearing braces at all. We have several cosmetic procedures that will ...


Pregnancy and Oral Health [video]

When you are expecting a baby, it’s especially important to take care of your teeth and gums. You have to be especially vigilant about getting enough calcium, as your unborn baby’s teeth and bones are already developing, and you are susceptible to hormone-induced gum problems (a condition known as pregnancy gingivitis). Be sure to get the recommended amount of folic acid, as this helps promote gum health. Watch this video from the American Dental Association to learn more about pregnancy and dental health. Then get in touch with Davenport Dental Group for a cleaning and exam. Fill out our ...


Toothbrushing Technique 101

Take a moment to think about your toothbrushing technique. Do you even have a technique? When we perform an action every day, it’s easy to just go through the motions and become a bit sloppy. But excellent oral hygiene at home is essential to keeping your teeth free of plaque and decay between dental visits. This handy chart has a few tips for “brushing up” on your toothbrushing technique. Make sure you’re doing it right, then book your next checkup at Davenport Dental Group. Call our Junction Drive office at 956-242-6745, our Winfield location at 956-517-2695, or fill out our online ...


Don’t Believe These Dental Myths

Bad dental advice is nothing new, but thanks to the internet, it is now disseminated more widely than ever before. And when it comes to your oral (and overall) health, false information can be downright dangerous. We’re here to set the record straight and dispel a few dental myths you may have heard or read about somewhere on the vast wilds of the internet. So read on, and be sure to book your next dental checkup at Davenport Dental Group. We have two Laredo, TX locations: Junction Drive (956-242-6745) and Winfield (956-517-2695).   Myth: All Sweets Are The Same It’s true that that ...


“They’ll Make You Feel Special” [video]

Arnold isn’t a man who is easily convinced to go to the dentist or doctor. But when he discovered Davenport Dental Group, he knew he’d found his dental home. He loves that the staff are warm and welcoming. He loves that the doctors explain every procedure and the reasons for performing them so thoroughly. And he loves that he can smile and his health has improved. “People are so nice . . . they treat you right and they explain everything.” Fill out our online form to book an appointment at Davenport Dental Group. Or call one of our Laredo, TX offices directly: Junction Drive at ...


It’s National Children’s Dental Health Month!

The American Dental Association has designated February National Children’s Dental Health Month with the slogan “Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and clean between your teeth for a healthy smile”. While it’s important to make sure your kids’ teeth are taken care of throughout the year, this is a good time to take stock and take a closer look at your family’s oral health habits. If you don’t have your children’s next dental appointments in the books, call Davenport Dental Group of Laredo, TX at Junction Drive (956-242-6745) or Winfield (956-517-2695).   How to Brush and Floss ...


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