Give Your Kids’ Smile-Friendly, Healthy Lunches & Snacks [Infographic]

Having a good Laredo, TX dentist on your side can benefit your family in many ways. Of course, dental cleanings can help prevent problems, and dental restorations can repair dental problems that arise. Our team here at Davenport Dental Group goes beyond the basics, however, to keep your smiles healthy! For many parents, that means providing oral ...

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Discover the Benefits of Dental Implants

Dr. Davenport, Dr. Matt, and Dr. Vallone are always seeking ways to make our patients’ lives better. That’s why they went beyond their dental school training to learn about implants. This month, in honor of Dental Implant Month, the Davenport Dental Group team wants to take a few minutes to share the benefits of dental implants. Time and time ...

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“They Know Me”: A Top Laredo Dentist Who Cares [Video]

You deserve a top Laredo dentist to care for your smile’s health and appearance. You deserve an award-winning Laredo dentist office where you are greeted warmly every time, respected, listened to, and treated like a person – not a number or just someone to rush through. That’s what you’ll get at Davenport Dental Group. Here’s ...

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Back-to-School Smiles at Davenport Dental Group

For most kids in Laredo, school will be starting in a couple of weeks. That means gathering all your kids’ school supplies, doing some last-minute shopping for their lunches and clothes, and checking their classroom lists to make sure any loose ends are tied up. With all the busyness that this time of year brings for families, make sure you have ...

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Take A Look At Norma’s New Smile!

Norma’s smile wasn’t terrible by any means, but she wasn’t comfortable smiling freely. That all changed after consulting Davenport Dental Group in Laredo, TX. Dental crowns and dental veneers absolutely transformed her smile! Don’t live a with a smile that you’re embarrassed to show. In the Laredo, TX area, call either Davenport ...

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When That Tooth’s Just Got To Go

No dentist likes removing teeth – it’s fair to say that dentistry is about saving and protecting teeth. Sometime though, there are no other good choices. When a tooth is too damaged to save or it’s crowding out healthy teeth, tooth extraction may be the preferred option. Count on the skilled dentists at Davenport Dental Group in Laredo, TX ...

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Jaw Pain, Headaches, or Ringing Ears Could Be A TMJ Problem

The joint on each side of your face that connects the upper and lower jaws is called the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). It’s basically a sliding hinge that allow you to move your jaw up and down as well as sideways. When things go wrong with your TMJ, you can have a lot of seemingly unrelated problems including headaches, pain in the jaw, and ...

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Get The Smile Of Your Dreams With A Smile Makeover

Investing in a beautiful smile does more than boost your self-esteem, although it will certainly do that. Studies have found that people who smile freely and often are viewed as more trustworthy and relatable than people who don’t smile as much. A smile that you’re unhappy can be a drawback in your professional and personal lives. Fortunately, ...

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Root Canals Are No Big Deal Anymore

Root canals don’t deserve the bad reputation they have. There are a number of myths about root canal procedures that are holdovers from a hundred years ago. Needless to say, dentistry wasn’t nearly as advanced as it is now. Today’s modern root canal is safe, relatively quick, very effective, and according to most patients it hurts about as ...

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Get The Gleaming White Smile Of Your Dreams

A beautiful smile is an asset in both the professional and social aspects of life. Studies show that people who smile freely and often are viewed as more likeable and trustworthy than people who smile less.  If your teeth aren’t the shade of white you want, count on professional teeth whitening from Davenport Dental Group in Laredo, TX to get ...

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