Which Type Of Dentures Works Best For You? [Blog]

There are many reasons why you might have lost some teeth as you got older. More important is how missing teeth affect your quality of life. It’s embarrassing to show others, it can make eating harder, and it can even interfere with talking. Call Davenport Dental Group today at 956-242-6745 (Junction Drive) or 956-517-2695 (Winfield) to make ...

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Relieve Dental Anxiety And Fear With Sedation Dentistry [Photo]

It’s normal to have some anxiety over seeing a dentist. You don’t know what’s wrong with your teeth! It’s when dental anxiety and fear make you miss appointments that there’s a problem. Skipping visits just makes things worse, which makes you more worried about going, which in turn means you skip more. Break out of that spiral by ...

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Don’t Wait for TMJ Treatments In Laredo [Blog]

Dentists do a lot more than just fill cavities. In fact, they can help reduce pain in your jaw, head, neck, and back from TMJ disorder. This is when your jaw joints get overworked and cannot heal naturally overnight. Because your muscles are interconnected, sore jaw joints can spread pain through your upper body. And with all that clenching, ...

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Get Teeth Implants For A Full Smile Next Year [Blog]

Now that most of the winter holidays are over, you’re probably ready to settle in for a long winter’s nap! If you’re like our families, you’ve probably had your share of ham and your Aunt Betty’s famous pecan pie, as well as all the Christmas music and movies that could be crammed into the past couple of months. You’re probably also ...

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A Merry & Bright Smile Can Be Yours [Photo]

One of our favorite ways to help our patients is to give them a bright smile! There are so many ways we can do this too, depending on the level of staining, how permanent you want your results, your budget, and more. We can offer: At-home whitening trays Zoom in-office whitening Tooth bonding Dental veneers Same-day CEREC dental ...

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Can We Grant Your Wish For A Confident Smile? [Quiz]

The holidays can be a magical, memorable time of year. We always think back on memories of the past when looking through photos on social media or at our family Christmas photo cards. If you notice your smile isn’t looking so great in those photos, it’s time to get a confident smile you can share with others and brighten their ...

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Remember These Oral Health Tips For The Holidays [Blog]

This holiday season, you’re probably a little more likely to relax the rules on what you eat and drink, and even your daily routine. You might splurge on an extra piece of pie, stay up later than your typical bedtime, or spend a little more than you anticipated on gifts. We understand! There is one thing that’s easy to relax on during the ...

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You Can Have A Holiday Picture-Worthy Smile

Holidays are special occasions that many people love to remember through pictures. If your smile isn’t as bright or as even as you’d like, Dr. Dick Davenport of Davenport Dental Group in Laredo, TX can use cosmetic dentistry techniques to make your smile truly holiday picture-worthy! You'll love looking at your great smile. Small Changes Can ...

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Put An End To Those Jaw Problems

Does your jaw click, pop, or hurt when you open or close your mouth? Do you have “mystery” headaches or even toothaches that come and go? Do your ears ring? If so, you may have a condition known as temporomandibular disorder, or TMD. Dr. Dick Davenport at Davenport Dental Group in Laredo, TX provides effective relief for TMD. ...

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How Dr. Callow Saved Paul’s “Condemned” Tooth [Video]

Paul’s tooth had been “condemned to die” by another dentist who repeatedly tried to fix the dental crown without success. When Paul consulted Dr. Callow, based on a recommendation from a friend, he was thrilled to learn that reports of his tooth’s inevitable death were far from accurate. Watch Paul’s video to learn the difference ...

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