Welcome To Your New General Dentist (video)

It didn't take long for Kareem to get comfortable with our team at Davenport Dental Group. He has learned what many people in and around Laredo, TX have learned. "I don't really ask a whole lot of the questions because I'm at ease. I feel like I can trust these people," he says in the video below. If you are looking for a new family or ...

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Turn Your ‘Bad’ Smile Into Something Good

Happy holidays to you and yours! Whether you are getting ready for Christmas celebrations, New Year’s festivities, or something else, we hope you make many happy memories during the month ahead. And yet … we have seen how a “bad” smile can affect people at any time of year. When you lack confidence in your smile, it can even make you ...

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Floss As Part Of Your Fight Against Gum Disease

We hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones. We hope you get to eat some great food, and we hope you enjoy the day after just as much. Yes, National Flossing Day is a good time to remind you how important preventive care is for fighting periodontal disease and protecting your smile. We offer gum disease treatments at our ...

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Enjoy Your Child’s First Dental Visit (video)

Your child’s first dental visit is a big milestone for them and for you as parents. Our Laredo, TX team understands that this also can be a little scary, so we make an extra effort to make this a comfortable and fun experience for your child. As Dr. Catherine Martin explains in the video below, we want your children to have a beautiful smile ...

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Teeth Whitening Can Revive Your Beautiful Smile (infographic)

Trees with yellow leaves can make perfect pictures. On the other hand, smiles with yellow teeth can leave you perfectly OK with avoiding photos of yourself. You can do something to change that. You can get professional teeth whitening to remove the stains from your smile at either Davenport Dental Group location in Laredo, TX. Call 956-242-6745 ...

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Be Thankful For The Security Of Dental Implants

We are already looking forward to Thanksgiving. We hope you have a wonderful holiday, enjoying your time with family, friends, … and the food. Of course, we want to spend time with our loved ones during this celebration, but the food is what makes Thanksgiving so great unless you aren’t able to eat what you really want to eat. For people ...

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Stop The Pain That Comes With Teeth Grinding (video)

Sandra used to wake up in the mornings with terrible headaches. Like millions of Americans, she would grind her teeth in her sleep. That can lead to TMJ problems. Thankfully, she came to Davenport Dental Group, where our doctors were able to address her problem and end her pain. "I don't have any headaches from grinding anymore since I've ...

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Call Us Quick During Any Dental Emergency

The week after Halloween is interesting. You know you shouldn't eat one more piece of candy, but it's so hard to resist. It's just sitting there waiting to be eaten. So, you decide to take one (or two) more pieces. You pop a sweet into your mouth and - ouch, that was not what you were expecting. There was a crunching sound, but it didn't ...

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Never Fear, Treat Dental Anxiety Here

With Halloween approaching, people look for ways to scare themselves in a safe way. Scary movies are more likely to be released at this time of year. Kids and adults will dress in "scary" costumes. "Haunted" houses will pop up as well. People do these things for fun and entertainment. When you go to a scary movie or a haunted house, you know ...

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Our Same-Day Dental Crowns Show That We Care (video)

Every patient who visits us deserves the best service that modern dentistry has to offer. It's why we invest in advanced technology, such as CEREC same-day dental crowns. Dr. Dick Davenport discusses CEREC and our commitment to patient care in the video below. To experience this for yourself, schedule an appointment at either of our Laredo, TX ...

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