With the end of school here, you have a great opportunity to bring your loved ones to the dental office without missing class. In case you need a reason to visit a general dentist at either our Laredo locations in the months ahead.

1. Get Ready for Vacation

Before you and your loved ones leave for your vacation, come see us for professional cleanings and exams. This can help you avoid toothaches due to cavities or to fix existing cavities. You don’t want to get to your destination and then find that tooth decay is spoiling your fun.

2. Get Game Ready

Whether you are playing in a rec softball league, your child is on a travel team, or someone in your family is on an AAU team, you need to protect your winning smile. The best way to do that is to invest in a mouthguard. We can give you some great recommendations!

3. Get a Brighter Smile

Teeth become stained over time. It’s natural and normal. With professional whitening or dental veneers, you can revive your white smile. It also can give you confidence that you look your best in pictures and when getting together in person.

Contact us online, or call the Davenport Dental Group location nearest to you at 956-242-6745 for our Junction Drive office or 956-517-2695 for our Winfield office.