We want to see you smiling this year and for many years to come. Unfortunately, gum disease robs millions of people of their healthy smiles. Periodontal infections are one of the leading causes of tooth loss.

We can treat gum disease at our Laredo, TX dental practice, which is why we want you to be aware of signs of a gum infection.

Bleeding Gums

Many people notice their gums are bleeding when they floss (after a long time not doing so) or when they are brushing their teeth. Either way, this is a sign of an infection. Coincidentally, flossing regularly can help prevent this kind of infection.

Redness & Swelling

Healthy gums look pink and feel firm. When gums are infected, they become redder than usual and look puffy or swollen.

Bad Breath

Gum infections are caused by an excessive amount of harmful bacteria. As a result, this can leave your breath smelling bad all the time. If you can’t get rid of your bad breath, you should talk to your dentist at Davenport Dental Group.

Loose Teeth

Gum recession is a common consequence of gum disease. This can leave your teeth less secure in your mouth. Ignoring this kind of problem can allow those teeth to fall out.

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