You know that you want to improve your smile. You just don’t know how yet.

In that case, you owe it to yourself to discover how dental veneers could transform your teeth. Schedule a consultation at either Davenport Dental Group location in Laredo, TX to learn what veneers could do for you, such as:

1. Make Your Smile Brighter

Your teeth may become discolored because of stains, certain medications, or other reasons. Teeth whitening will work on stains, but veneers are a better option when whitening won’t work. Veneers cover the front of your teeth and can be shaded to revive your white smile.

2. Fix Your Broken Tooth

Accidents happen, and they can take a toll on your smile. A broken tooth at the front of your mouth can leave you self-conscious. It also can be a distraction to other people. A veneer can make your broken or chipped tooth look as good as new.

3. Go Straight

Your teeth may be a little crooked. You could get orthodontic treatment, but if the issues are minor, hiding your teeth behind veneers could be more efficient.

4. Fill the Spaces

Gaps between your teeth can leave you feeling uncomfortable when meeting new people. You can correct that by getting veneers to fill in the empty space between your teeth.

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