You deserve a smile that looks great, but not because you’re vain. Having a healthy-looking smile does wonders for your confidence. When you wear a suit that looks great on you, you’ve got that extra spring in your step. The same is true when you get cosmetic dentistry treatments from one of our Laredo, TX dental offices. You’ll know how good you look, and that makes you confident.

One of the fastest and most complete cosmetic dental treatments you can get is dental veneers. These are crafted to look and feel just like healthy, natural teeth. They’re shells that are bonded to the front of your teeth. They work just as soon as you get them. Here are five ways dental veneers instantly give you a great smile.

  1. Imperfections and damage are hidden the moment dental veneers are placed.

Most people think teeth are smooth. If you’ve looked at teeth up close like when you brush, you know that’s not true. Enamel has grooves, small craters, and similar imperfections naturally. The problem is that these can get larger as time goes by. Stains can highlight the grooves. Your teeth can also get banged up. Small craters can look bigger. You can even get chips and cracks in your teeth.

When you get dental veneers placed on these teeth, you instantly gain two benefits. First, all of those problems spots will be hidden. Instead of seeing chips or craters, people will see what looks just like a healthy tooth. Those damaged spots will also be sealed up and protected. Without that, chips and cracks can get worse after years of chewing. Dental veneers help make sure they do not grow.

  1. Teeth with rough, worn edges will look great.

The enamel covering your teeth is tough stuff. It needs to be. You use teeth to tear, grind, and crush your food repeatedly, several times a day for the rest of your life. But as with any tool, your teeth can start to get worn down over time. That’s especially true for the edges of your teeth. It’s not just from food, though. Your teeth often bang together when you chew, creating rough and worn edges.

To correct for this, you can get dental veneers made just a tiny bit longer in spots. It covers over the worn edges, making sure they look straight and even like they should.

  1. Stains (even intrinsic ones) will be covered by healthy-looking veneers.

Coffee is often a daily ritual for people. Tea and soda aren’t far behind. The problem is that these stain your teeth over time. Even if you don’t drink any of those, your enamel can be stained by tomato sauces, yellow rice, and tobacco. Then there are intrinsic stains. These are often side effects of prescription medication. They’re discolored spots so deep in your tooth that even teeth whitening systems cannot help.

What can help? Dental veneers. They will cover over all stains, intrinsic or otherwise. As soon as they are placed, you’ll have a bright, white smile that people will love to see.

  1. Teeth that are slightly crooked will look straight.

You probably had some sort of orthodontic work when you were a teenager. Then again, you might have skipped that because your teeth were mostly straight. Even if your smile was even back when you were younger, there’s a good chance you now have some crooked teeth. That’s because your teeth never really stay put. All of that chewing can slowly but surely push teeth out of alignment.

If a tooth is slightly crooked, dental veneers can correct for that. Dr. Davenport will expertly place the veneer on that tooth so it looks straight and even.

  1. Small gaps between teeth will be hidden so your smile looks even.

Along the same lines, you might have developed small gaps between your teeth over the years. Even if you had things corrected with orthodontic treatments, those gaps can start tiny and slowly get bigger. Any smile with a gap between its teeth simply does not look good.

Dental veneers can help. You can have them made slightly too big on the side next to the gap. This will extend the veneer just enough so the gap is hidden. Instead of seeing a space between your teeth, you’ll see two healthy-looking teeth right next to each other.

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers are amazing. They can make your teeth look white, hide damaged spots, and even make your smile look even. Call our Junction Drive dental office at 956-242-6745 or our Winfield office at 956-517-2695 to set up an appointment for dental veneers.