Will Teeth Contouring Fix My Smile?

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Maybe you’re not quite satisfied with the appearance of your teeth, but can’t (or don’t want to) commit to the time and cost of more extensive cosmetic procedures. Maybe you want a subtle change — one that improves your look, but doesn’t broadcast to everyone you know that you’ve had work done. Maybe you’re annoyed by your “gummy smile” or that one pesky tooth that’s a bit oddly shaped, crooked, or uneven.

Sound familiar?

If so, teeth contouring or dental crown lengthening may be for you. These simple procedures produce results that are understated yet powerful. You will look unmistakably like you, only better. Your confidence will improve, you will smile without embarrassment, and that will reflect on how you operate in the world and how others see you. Call  Davenport Dental Group of Laredo, TX at  956-517-2695 (Junction Drive) or  956-242-6745 (Winfield) to learn more.

What Is Teeth Contouring?

Teeth contouring is considered to be one of the more conservative cosmetic dental techniques available. It involves removing small, targeted bits of enamel from one or more teeth in order to create an aesthetically pleasing shape, change the length, or smooth the surface. The procedure is fast, straightforward, and usually does not require anesthesia.

  • First, we may X-ray your teeth to confirm they are healthy enough to undergo the contouring process. If the enamel is too thin or your tooth’s pulp is too close to the enamel layer, we may recommend one of our other cosmetic dentistry options.
  • Once we’ve established your teeth are in good shape, we will mark the spots to be sanded.
  • Next, we use a sanding instrument and strips of special sandpaper to sculpt the teeth into the desired shape. We can also eliminate very slight overlaps and tiny chips and smooth rough edges.
  • The results are instantaneous, and no follow-up or additional dentist visits are required!

Why Should I Consider Teeth Contouring?

Teeth contouring returns a beautiful smile for a small investment. Here are a few things that make it an appealing choice to fix minor cosmetic flaws.

  • Teeth contouring is inexpensive: Your cost will depend on how many teeth you want contoured, the extent of the work required, and whether insurance picks up any of the bill. But contouring is generally one of the least expensive cosmetic procedures.
  • Teeth contouring is not painful: Because contouring only removes some surface enamel, it can be done painlessly without anesthesia.
  • Teeth contouring can reduce your risk of tooth decay: Harmful bacteria, tartar, and plaque can build up in even tiny imperfections and tooth overlaps. Teeth contouring can remove these hiding places.

What Is Dental Crown Lengthening?

Dental crown lengthening is another simple way to give you a stunning new smile. Sometimes, dental crown lengthening is performed in order to expose more of the tooth so that it can support a filling or crown.

But it may also be done as a purely cosmetic procedure. If you have a “gummy smile” — that is, your gums cover too much of your teeth, making the teeth appear short or stunted — you may be a candidate for cosmetic dental crown lengthening.

Like teeth contouring, dental crown lengthening is a simple procedure and relatively inexpensive, but it produces results that will have you smiling with a new sense of confidence.

The procedure is performed under local anesthetic and involves removing excess tissue and reshaping the gumline so that tooth and gum show in perfect proportion when you smile. If you think you may be a good candidate for dental crown lengthening, we will help you get in touch with an excellent local periodontal specialist.

Cosmetic dental procedures don’t have to involve multiple dental visits, painful and invasive procedures, and a large financial investment. If you live in the Laredo, TX area and would like to discuss how to best get the perfect smile you’ve been daydreaming about, call Davenport Dental Group today. We have two convenient locations: Junction Drive at 956-242-6745 and Winfield at 956-517-2695. You may also request an appointment or ask questions via our web form.

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