Dr. Dick Davenport’s name has become synonymous with outstanding general dental care throughout Laredo, TX.

His commitment to his patients and to outstanding service is a big part of why Davenport Dental Group has cared for more than 30,000 patients since he opened his private practice.

Dr. Davenport’s final day seeing patients will be May 26, 2021, but he will remain the invaluable leader of our team.

Inspired by Dr. Davenport’s example, our entire team will continue to work diligently on your behalf. All of our dental professionals want you to receive quality care in a comfortable setting.

Call 956-242-6745 or stop by our Junction Drive office soon to make an appointment or to share your appreciation for a man who has meant a great deal to our community.

Decades of Dentistry

Dr. Davenport graduated from Texas A&M University and the University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston. He worked in public health dentistry for seven years before opening his own practice in 1990 in Laredo.

He knew that this part of the Lone Star State had a reputation of making patients wait for dental services. He wanted to change that.

“I wanted to open up a place that emphasized customer service and really respected our patients’ time,” he said. “And over the years I’ve been blessed with a very good staff that has enabled me to achieve that, to reach our goals. And I think we’re very well known, and very well respected in Laredo for having not only a high-quality practice but also a practice that achieves a high level of customer service.”

That’s true as evidenced by our community recognition. As of 2020, our practice has been named Best Dentist in the Laredo Morning Times Readers’ Choice Awards seven years in a row.

Building on the Shoulders of a Giant

In many fields of human achievement, modern innovators are able to do what they do because they are standing on the shoulders of the giants who have come before them. Dr. Davenport’s footprints provide a solid foundation to keep improving the care that we provide for patients at both our Junction Drive and Winfield locations.

It means a lot to us that Dr. Davenport has given us a vote of confidence to build on the excellent work he started nearly 40 years ago.

“It has been a great pleasure meeting and caring for you all,” Dr. Davenport wrote in a letter to our patients. “I sincerely appreciate your friendship and loyalty. I wish you continued good health and all the best in the coming years.”

Contact us online or call 956-242-6745 (Junction Drive) or 956-517-2695 (Winfield) soon to share your appreciation for Dr. Davenport.