Patients of a certain age may remember The Six Million Dollar Man. This television series focused on Steve Austin, a fictional astronaut who was in an accident and then “rebuilt” with bionic implants that gave him superhuman abilities.

We aren’t going to pretend that we can do anything that exciting at our dentist offices in Laredo, TX, but we can do something real. We can rebuild your smile, and we can make it stronger and better than it is today.

Full-mouth reconstruction is possible. At Davenport Dental Group, we can combine multiple services to replace and repair your teeth so you can regain the full function of your teeth while also feeling confident about your smile.

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If you still have all your natural teeth, then today’s post probably isn’t for you … but it might help someone you care about.

A Short History Of Teeth Replacements

Throughout recorded human history, we have many examples of people doing things to restore the function of their smiles.

Around the year 200 A.D., we have evidence that the Etruscans (who lived in modern-day Italy) used gold and made bridges to repair and replace lost teeth. There also is evidence that Mayans and Aztecs used pieces of seashells to replace missing teeth.

At other times and places, people have used stones, ivory, animal bones, and animal teeth to fill in the gaps created by lost teeth as well.

Today, we have the best teeth replacement options that have ever been developed. Dental implants give us a secure way to replace the roots of lost teeth. This adds stability and strength to dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures.

Over the last 200 years, humans have created teeth replacements that both look natural and have the durability to last for decades.

How To Rebuild Your Smile

You may be worried that your mouth is too unhealthy for full-mouth reconstruction. You can’t know that without talking to a dental professional, like our dentists in Laredo, TX.

We are not here to criticize you for the current condition of your mouth. Instead, we want to work with you to rebuild your smile, so you can feel comfortable sharing it with the world.

But it’s also important to us that you regain the full function of your mouth as well. That means restoring your ability to bite and chew whatever foods you want to eat.

After all, being able to eat the foods that you enjoy is one of life’s great pleasures.

What we can do for you will depend on several factors including how many teeth you have, how healthy those teeth are, and how healthy your jaw is. When you lose teeth, your jawbone begins to shrink as well.

Here are some of the things we may recommend:

⬥ Dental crowns — Dental crowns replace the natural crowns of your teeth. Crowns can fix broken, cracked, worn down, and misshapen teeth. They also can be used as part of tooth replacements.

⬥ Dental bridges — By combining crowns, we can build a dental bridge to close the gaps in your smile.

⬥ Dentures — Full dentures can be used to replace a complete row of teeth. Partial dentures are another option for filling gaps in your smile.

Dental implants — Implants are titanium cylinders or screws that are placed in your jawbone. These replace the roots of your teeth. They can be used individually to support dental crowns, or multiple implants can provide support for dental bridges and dentures.

⬥ Dental veneers — Veneers can be used to repair chipped and cracked teeth.

⬥ Dental fillings — Tooth-colored fillings are great for repairing teeth that have been damaged by decay while keeping your natural-looking smile.

⬥ Teeth removal — This may seem backward since we prefer to preserve any healthy teeth you may have. However, if you have a few teeth that are in bad shape, it may be better to remove and replace them with the services mentioned above.

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