Restorations have been a part of oral health treatments long before “dentistry” was considered its own profession.

Going back thousands of years, we have evidence that people have used everything from gold and stones to seashells and animal bones to repair and replace teeth.

We are the beneficiaries of thousands of years of improvements. Today, we use dental crowns and dental bridges to repair and replace damaged and missing teeth. If you live in or near Laredo, TX, visit either of our dentist offices to learn what restorative dentistry can do for you or someone you love.

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Reasons To Get A Dental Crown

Dental crowns are used to do a few things. They can restore or improve the appearance of a tooth and therefore your smile. Crowns also can restore your ability to eat comfortably and effectively.

That’s the general idea. Let’s consider some specifics.

Cracked teeth are a common reason people get dental crowns. Taking a bite of something hard — ice, hard candy, the pit of an olive — can cause your teeth to crack or chip. This can be painful, and it can make it difficult to use that tooth to bite or chew in the future.

By reshaping that tooth, you can eliminate the crack or chipped section. This also creates a support surface where a dental crown can be bonded to your tooth.

A similar procedure can be used to repair broken teeth or teeth that have been damaged by decay.

From a cosmetic standpoint, you may want to consider getting a dental crown if you have a tooth that is noticeably darker than the rest of your smile. A dental crown can help that tooth blend in with the rest of your smile.

Dental crowns have also been used to make short or worn teeth look larger. And crowns can be used to change the appearance of misshapen teeth as well.

We use all-ceramic crowns at Davenport Dental Group. These kinds of crowns are strong and durable, so they can stand up to the daily rigors of being a tooth. The material used to make these crowns also makes them look identical to natural teeth.

With one of our crowns, people won’t be able to tell your dental crown from your natural teeth.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Lost teeth are more common than many people realize. Part of the reason for that is because of the natural-looking appearance of modern dental crowns and dental bridges.

You can use either a dental crown or a dental bridge to replace a single missing tooth. A dental bridge is created by fusing multiple dental crowns together.

To replace a missing tooth with a traditional bridge, we would reshape the teeth nearest to the gap in your smile. This allows us to bond the bridge to those teeth for support. When the bridge is in place, it would fill the empty space in your smile and restore the function of your lost tooth.

To replace a missing tooth with a dental crown requires a little help. This help comes from a dental implant. This implant replaces the root of your missing tooth, and it provides the foundation to support your dental crown.

What happens if you are missing multiple teeth?

This is where an implant-supported bridge is often the best solution. By placing a pair of dental implants in your jaw, we create a support system for your dental bridge. The implants serve the same function as the reshaped teeth in a traditional bridge.

After the implants are placed and you have healed, we will be able to attach the dental bridge to complete your smile and to allow you to bite and chew just like you did when you still had all your teeth.

Rebuild Your Smile

We know that damaged and missing teeth can lead to additional oral health problems. We also know that a broken tooth or missing teeth can affect patient’s self-confidence.

But maybe more importantly, our team at the Davenport Dental Group has seen how dental crowns and bridges do more than restore the appearance of a smile. They have given so many of our patients a reason to start smiling again.

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