Here we are coming up on Thanksgiving, and we really do have so much to give thanks for. But you might not feel like counting your blessings if you are dealing with dental issues that leave you feeling too embarrassed to open your mouth around loved ones.

The good news is that, if you are looking for a short-term orthodontic treatment program that involves very little maintenance and even less visibility, Davenport Dental Group has just the thing for you!

Our three great dentists are ClearCorrect experts, and we know exactly how to get you the fabulous smile results you need without all the hassles normally associated with conventional braces.

Keep reading to hear more about how ClearCorrect function as “braces,” and then get in touch with our Laredo, TX dentist’s office to take the next step towards a better smile by scheduling your adult orthodontics consultation in one of our convenient locations.

Too Old To Enhance Your Smile? No Way!

With our three great dentists on the job, you can always boost the health and appearance of your smile, regardless of your age or background.

We know that you may be concerned about what orthodontic treatment would look like at your age, in terms of lifestyle disruptions and whatnot.

But what if we told you that we had a smile solution that would NOT…

…take 2-3 grueling years to finish!

…cause folks to gawk, comment, or ask questions!

…make your smile look worse before it looks better!

That would sound like a workable situation, right?

ClearCorrect Is Easy

Our three great dentists have seen firsthand how ClearCorrect can provide a more subtle, less time-consuming method of treatment than standard braces.

Here’s the deal: our ClearCorrect straighten things out by utilizing a series of clear, plastic aligners (that are based on actual molds of your mouth) to facilitate the movements of your teeth.

These aligners are barely visible which means your treatment will be conducted in a way that lets you downplay what is going on. No one will ever know unless you tell them. To get going, we will need to bring you in for a consultation with one of our three great dentists in order to map out your treatment schedule in advance and start to design your aligner trays. Once they are ready, you’ll be ready to move forward.

Instead of coming in for painful monthly adjustments to your hardware, the job will be left to you, more or less. You see, every two weeks or so you will simply need to switch the aligners out at home to keep things moving towards the end goal.

Each clear aligner tray is brilliantly designed to move certain teeth, at very specific times. So, we will need to keep it on track along the way.

Unlike classic metal braces that are installed in your mouth for years and years, the ClearCorrect aligners are removable, which means you get a break from the process at some point each day.

This makes eating and drinking more pleasant because there will be no dietary restrictions imposed and no food will ever get trapped in your metal wires and brackets. No special tools will be required, either. Cleaning is a breeze (you simply rinse them under warm water), and you just brush and floss like normal.

Like we said, rather than several years of waiting around, your ClearCorrect treatment can be completed in a matter of mere months! And the process will be comfortable and pain-free. No mouth sores, bleeding, etc.

Now that you know what we can do for you with ClearCorrect, what are you waiting for? Why not improve your smile and your life today?

Straighten Out Your Smile In Laredo, TX

Contact us now to schedule your ClearCorrect consultation at our Laredo, TX dentist’s office! Be sure to schedule you next regular checkup, too!