Some days, you’re just too worried to smile. With the chips, cracks, and worn-down teeth in your smile, you are too embarrassed to show it to others. That’s a shame, but what’s worse is how that damage can get worse over the years if it’s not treated. A hairline crack can eventually get long and wide enough to require a tooth removal.

That’s why you need to call our Laredo, TX dental offices (Junction Drive at 956-242-6745 or Winfield at 956-517-2695) today to schedule an appointment for a dental crown. Our dentists are highly trained in restorative dentistry and can use dental crown procedures to do amazing things for your teeth.

What Is A Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are caps that fit snugly but comfortably over your teeth. They’re made individually to look and feel like a healthy version of the tooth they cover. Your dental crowns will be matched to the color of your other teeth so they blend in naturally.

Our dentists have helped many people repair and restore their smiles with restorative dentistry like this, so your dental crown procedure will be routine and easy. You start by having a thin layer of enamel removed from the teeth getting the crowns. That’s so they’ll be flush and even with your natural teeth. Then the dental crown is expertly bonded over your tooth. That’s about it!

How Dental Crowns Help Your Teeth

Dental crowns are probably the most common and versatile dental restoration you can get. Here are four ways dental crowns can do amazing things for your teeth.


There are few things that take away from your smile’s look and power than missing a tooth. That dark gap stands out when you smile, and some foods are harder to chew without all your teeth. Your other teeth will even start to get crooked without the support of the one that went missing.

Thankfully, you can call either of our Laredo, TX dental offices today and get dental bridges or dental implants. Both use dental crowns as a durable but natural-looking replacement tooth. Your smile can be whole again thanks to dental crowns.


Here’s the thing about cavities: They keep growing, and you might not know it. Because your enamel has no nerve endings, you can’t feel cavities getting bigger. If a cavity gets too big, there won’t be any way to keep a dental filling in place to repair it.

That’s when you need to call Davenport Dental Group for a dental crown. Once the decayed enamel is removed, the tooth can be sealed up with a dental crown. This stops the cavity from getting worse, but it also repairs the damage it caused.


Over time, your teeth get stained by all the dark foods and drinks you enjoy. It’s a slow process, but it happens. In addition, your teeth can have irregular shapes. Sometimes, this is just how the tooth appeared. Other times, you’ve worn down a tooth through teeth grinding or just decades of normal chewing. Either way, you’re left with teeth that don’t look very good.

By calling either of our Laredo, TX dental offices, you can schedule an appointment for dental crowns. Because they cover the entire visible portion of your tooth,


Damage to your teeth from accidents and injuries does more than chip or crack the enamel. It makes your tooth weaker. Chips and cracks create weak points in your enamel where cavities and more damage are more likely to happen. Even grinding your teeth can leave worn spots in the enamel.

These can be repaired and strengthened by dental crowns. They cover up such damage and weak spots with a layer of protection. They also seal up damaged spots so they do not get any worse over time. And because dental crowns are made to look like healthy teeth, they even beautify damaged teeth.

Call Davenport Dental Group today (Junction Drive at 956-242-6745 or Winfield at 956-517-2695) to schedule your next appointment for dental crowns. Our dentists have advanced training and experience with dental crown procedures to help do amazing things for your smile.