Dr. Davenport, Dr. Matt, and Dr. Vallone are always seeking ways to make our patients’ lives better. That’s why they went beyond their dental school training to learn about implants. This month, in honor of Dental Implant Month, the Davenport Dental Group team wants to take a few minutes to share the benefits of dental implants. Time and time again, our patients come back after getting implants to tell us how they’ve changed their lives.

Read about some of the top benefits of implants below, then come in for a consult with a skilled Laredo, TX dentist.

Implants Replace Your Entire Tooth, from Root to Crown

You might have heard implants being called artificial tooth roots. That’s because they take the place of your tooth root, which is lost along with your tooth.

Natural tooth roots connect to your jawbone. Implants – little titanium cylinders or screws – are placed underneath your gums, where they fuse to your jawbone like natural roots. No other tooth replacement can do this. Dental bridges attach to your natural teeth, while dentures sit on top and may clip onto your teeth, in some cases.

So what about the actual tooth, the white part that’s above your gums (called the crown)? After your implant fuses to your bone, we will attach the actual replacement teeth on top. If you’re missing one tooth, we’ll place a porcelain dental crown. More than one missing tooth, we’ll place a bridge, and all of your teeth, a denture.

Implants Let You Eat What You Want

Because your new teeth are attached to the implants, which are firmly in the bone, your teeth are strong enough to eat pretty much any foods you want. When many people come for checkups at Davenport Dental Group after receiving their implants, they are overjoyed at the foods they can now eat that they just couldn’t manage without teeth. Some people appreciate that they no longer have to think about eating, since they don’t have to chew on one side, chew very carefully, or chop up their food into tiny pieces.

If you would like to eat corn on the cob, BBQ chicken, a steak, or a pecan pie at your next family gathering, ask us if dental implants could do this for you.

Implants Keep Your Replacement Teeth Secure

If you’ve had dentures or have looked into dentures to replace your teeth, you might know that they can slide around or even come out. Denture adhesive can help, but it’s not a guarantee.

With that firm connection of bone-implant-replacement teeth, your teeth will not move around. You can eat, talk, sing, laugh, and just feel like normal again without worrying when your teeth will decide to dislodge. Implants provide enough confidence in your smile that people often boost their own confidence in social settings, especially at restaurants and events involving food.

Implants Improve Your Appearance & Others’ Perception of You

You might have guessed this is a big benefit. With today’s modern materials, the physical connection your new teeth have to your bone, and our meticulous attention to the color, shape, and general appearance of your replacement teeth, you can rest assured your smile will make you proud.

Whether you’re missing one tooth or all of them, a brand-new, good-looking smile can convey to others:

  • That you have a healthy mouth and take care of yourself
  • That you enjoy smiling and seem friendly
  • That you are confident when you’re around others
  • That you are intelligent and successful, according to research
  • That you might be younger than you look!

Implants Can Last a Lifetime

Again, this benefit is unique to dental implants. Because of the physical connection your implants have to your mouth, they can potentially last your lifetime. The oral surgeon who places your implants, as well as our doctors, will provide the information you need to keep your implants in excellent condition. For most people, this just means brushing and flossing daily and visiting us regularly.

Dental implants can’t get cavities like natural teeth, either. So you don’t have to worry about tooth decay anymore.

There are so many more benefits of dental implants! If you’re interested, call 956-242-6745 (Junction Drive) or 956-517-2695 (Winfield) to talk about implants with our Laredo dentists. You can request your visit online too. We offer in-house financing and accept CareCredit to help you pay for your smile investment.