The first day of the new school year will be here before you know it. That’s why we want to remind you to schedule your kids’ back-to-school dental appointments while you are out buying school supplies.

As part of our family dentistry, we want to prevent problems whenever we can. If we find something wrong, we would much rather fix it today then leave a bigger problem for tomorrow.

Toothaches won’t help your kids focus on their studies. Cavities can spoil smiles in school photos. Don’t let those be issues for your young ones.

Plan a visit to either Davenport Dental Group in Laredo, TX. Call our Junction Drive office at 956-242-6745 or our Winfield location at 956-517-2695.

Getting Ready For Success

Your children’s oral health can affect how they do in school. At the most basic level, good oral health will make them more likely to remain in class.

The American Dental Association reports that students miss an estimated 51 million hours of school annually due to dental problems. The Children’s Dental Health Project also noted that 1 in 7 children (between the ages of 6 and 12) reported having a toothache in the previous six months, according to a recent national survey. Another study found that students who reported dental problems were four times more likely to have lower grades than their peers.

If your child is sitting in a desk trying to ignore the pain in their mouth, they will have more trouble concentrating on what their teacher is saying or on the task in front of them. If they have a cavity or an infected tooth, they may not eat their breakfast or lunch, which also can affect their energy during the day.

By scheduling a professional dental cleaning and exam with us, our caring professionals have an opportunity to head off problems before they begin. During the cleaning, we’ll remove any plaque or tartar buildup. This can stop decay or gum infections.

During their dental exam, we’ll be looking carefully for any signs of trouble. If we notice any issue, we want to fix it right away. One of our tooth fillings can restore the function of your child’s tooth while preserving their natural-looking smile.

Extra Credit

For an even more effective treatment, you should ask about our “extra” services. Really they are part of our family care, but not everyone takes advantage of them, unfortunately.

Dental sealants are one of the most effective (and low-cost) options we can provide. Sealants are a protective coating for your child’s teeth. This creates a barrier between their enamel and harmful bacteria, which can significantly reduce their risk of developing cavities.

To make teeth stronger, you can get fluoride treatments as well. Fluoride is a mineral, and decay is the result of demineralization. By applying fluoride, you can remineralize teeth. This can repair minor damage (before decay develops) and make teeth and more resistant to decay.

Pass Your Dental Exam

To help your family pass their dental exams, plan a visit to Davenport Dental Group soon. Call 956-242-6745 (Junction Drive) or 956-517-2695 (Winfield) or fill out our online form.