As odd as it may sound, fake news is all over the news these days. It’s hard to know what to believe. So when you read a story about a root canal, you probably think they are very painful.

That is simply not true anymore. Call us today at our Laredo, TX dental offices (Junction Drive at 956-242-6745 or Winfield at 956-517-2695) to schedule a painless root canal procedure. These are necessary to get rid of toothaches and infections. Without a root canal, you might end up having to remove that tooth.

When Root Canal Procedures Are Needed

Why does anyone need a root canal in the first place? These are used when your tooth is infected.

Your mouth is home to harmful bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. Normally, they can’t get inside a tooth because it’s covered by enamel. But if the enamel breaks (a cavity gets too deep or an injury cracks it), the bacteria can slip inside.

That’s where the tooth’s nerve endings and blood vessels can be found. As the infection begins to spread inside that tooth, you begin to have problems with sensitivity (pressure or temperature causes discomfort) or toothaches. The gums around the tooth can also get swollen.

But a toothache and some sensitivity aren’t the biggest problems. These infections starve your tooth by infecting the blood vessels. It won’t be too long before the enamel grows brittle and your tooth could fracture open.

What Is A Root Canal?

Root canals are restorative dentistry treatments. They restore your teeth to how they should be: healthy, strong, and pain-free. Although your root canal procedure might be a bit different, here’s how our dentists work with root canals:

  • First, you get a thorough examination including digital X-rays. This allows our dentists to locate the infection inside your tooth.
  • The tooth and surrounding area are thoroughly numbed with local anesthetic.
  • A small opening is made in the enamel so our dentists can reach the infection.
  • Using special technology and expert training, our dentists gently remove the infection.
  • The inside (including the tooth’s roots) are sterilized to make sure the infection is gone.
  • An inert substance called gutta-percha is used to fill any space there after the infection was removed.
  • A dental crown is placed atop the tooth so it stays strong.

By calling either of our Laredo, TX dental offices today, you can finally get rid of that toothache and save the tooth. That’s a lot from one painless treatment.

The Truth About Root Canals

Fake news gets all over the internet. Here is the truth about root canals.

MYTH: Root canals are painful.
TRUTH: Root canals are normally painless.

This is easily the biggest myth. It might have been true many decades ago that root canals hurt. But thanks to local anesthesia and our dentists’ training and skill, you can expect to feel next to nothing during your root canal procedure. Root canals are painless.

MYTH: Root canals weaken your tooth.
TRUTH: It’s the infection that weakens your tooth.

One myth says that you should never get a root canal because it will make your tooth weak. That is simply not true. The infection turns your teeth brittle, not the root canal procedure. In fact, your root canal ends with getting a dental crown put over that tooth, adding a layer of protection.

MYTH: Root canals give you arthritis or cancer.
TRUTH: There’s zero evidence that root canals do anything except remove infections.

Back in the 1920s, one dentist suggested root canals spread infections and cause all manner of health problems, including arthritis and cancer. However, that one study was debunked long ago. A root canal procedure makes you healthier by removing infections.

Call us today at our Laredo, TX dental offices (Junction Drive at 956-242-6745 or Winfield at 956-517-2695) to schedule your next root canal. They are not painful! In fact, root canals are needed to relieve the pain caused by infections.