Warmer weather and more hours of sunshine are just the start of what makes summer a special time of year. Sitting by the pool, spending time in the great outdoors, enjoying a barbecue, or just hanging out with friends and family are things that put smiles on our faces.

And we hope your summer is filling with lots of healthy smiles.

To help you avoid some of the problems summer can create for your oral health, we are sharing a few tips to help you throughout the months ahead.

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Enjoy The Water …

Many people love getting outside during the summer. Whether you are working, exercising, or just relaxing, you can become dehydrated due to the heat. It’s important to drink water throughout the day.

One of the first signs of dehydration is a dry mouth. While that’s a little uncomfortable for people, it’s great for the harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Drinking water also helps to rinse away food particles that those bacteria use for fuel.

There is another benefit to drinking tap water in many places as well. Water that has been fluoridated can make your teeth stronger. This makes them more resistant to decay.

… But Not Too Much

On a hot summer day (and we know it gets hot here), you may just want to spend hours cooling off in the pool.

Many people use chlorine to sanitize their pools, which is important. At the same time, too much exposure to chlorine can be harmful to your smile. Repeated chlorine exposure for extended periods of time can cause teeth to change color.

Another thing to keep in mind is the pH levels of pool water. Ideally, water should have a pH between 7.2 and 7.8. If water is below this level, it can be acidic. That can wear down the enamel of your teeth, making them weaker and more prone to decay.

Be Careful With Cool Treats

No one will deny that a delicious ice cream cone can be a perfect treat on a summer day. On the other hand, eating ice cream every day can introduce a lot of sugar into your mouth. Your tastebuds may enjoy it, but so will the bacteria we mentioned earlier. They feed on the sugars in the foods that we eat, and too much sugar means they are more likely to thrive.

We aren’t going to tell you to avoid ice cream sundaes entirely; just plan to eat them on special occasions. And when you do, enjoy a glass of water with them. Again, this can rinse away residue so it doesn’t cling to your teeth.

We Hope To See You This Summer

Summer is a good time to schedule a dental checkup. We hope to see you and your healthy smiles before classes start in the fall. We’d love to hear about all the fun you have during the summer break.

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