They can be used to help with everything from single tooth replacement to full-mouth reconstruction. If you are missing teeth, then you owe it to yourself to learn what dental implants could do for your oral and overall health.

Teeth are, unfortunately, something that many people take for granted until it’s too late to save them. And like the saying tells us, people don’t fully appreciate what they had until it’s gone.

Thankfully, implant-supported restorations give you a way to bring back the appearance of your smile as well as the full function of your missing teeth.

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Eating Matters

We don’t want to assume anything, but in our opinion, eating foods that we love is one life’s little pleasures. If you want to continue eating everything that you would like, you need replacement teeth that function practically as well as healthy, natural teeth.

You can ask anyone who has worn traditional dentures for a reasonable amount of time. They can tell you that eating with dentures is not the same as eating with a full set of teeth. Dentures can slip and slide around. As a result, many people with traditional dentures will tell you that they have given up even trying to eat some foods.

You can avoid those worries with dental implants. When you get implants, you are replacing the roots of your missing teeth. You also create a stable and secure connection from your jawbone to your teeth replacements. This allows you to bite and chew naturally and normally.

From an enjoyment standpoint, this means you can eat all the foods that you love. Perhaps more importantly, having implants allows you to eat a wide variety of foods. That is how you get the nutrition you need to be healthy. When you can bite into fruits and vegetables without a problem or to chew something like chicken without it feeling like a chore, that’s good for your long-term health.

Enjoy The Stability

One of the big concerns with tooth loss is something that you can’t see. Tooth loss can lead to bone loss. This happens because you no longer have a root to stimulate new bone growth in the jaw. A single missing tooth can lead to losing 25 percent of the bone density in that part of someone’s mouth in 12 months. This can help explain why losing a tooth can lead to additional lost teeth and cause wrinkles to form more quickly, too.

With implants to anchor your crown, bridge, or dentures in position, you replicate the stimulation that your roots once provided. This will stop the bone loss in your jaw, which can help you look younger, too.

Feel Like You’ve Got Real Teeth Again

With the development of dental implants and more recent innovations to make them better, you can have replacement teeth that look and feel natural. To experience these benefits, schedule an appointment at Davenport Dental Group. Start by calling 956-242-6745 or 956-517-2695 or by filling out our online form to request a consultation.