Tooth decay is a problem for nearly everyone at one time or another. When you have a cavity, what you do and how soon you act affect what happens to your smile and what treatment you need.

Here are five ways you can handle tooth decay. Just visit either Davenport Dental Group location in Laredo, TX to get the service that you need.

1. Prevention

This is the option we recommend. Take care of your teeth by brushing twice per day and flossing once per day. Also, remember to get professional cleanings and few times each year.

2. Filling

If you do get a cavity (which more than 90 percent of people do), don’t wait to do something about it. A composite filling can protect your tooth and restore the natural appearance of your smile.

3. Crown

If a cavity is too large for a filling, we can still fix it. A dental crown is a fast and effective way to repair your decayed tooth.

4. Root Canal

When cavities go untreated for too long, the decay can reach the innermost part of your tooth. That can lead to a tooth infection. To treat it, you need to remove the infected tissue with a root canal.

5. Remove & Replace

If you haven’t done anything about your tooth infection, even a root canal may not be able to save your tooth. Instead, your best bet is removing and replacing your lost tooth.

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