You look at your teeth in the mirror, and you wish your smile looked different. You want your teeth to be straighter, better aligned.

It sounds like you should schedule a consultation at Davenport Dental Group in Laredo, TX. OrthoFX clear aligners could give you the smile that you want. It can fix a number of issues, including these four common smile problems.

1. Crooked Teeth

Multitudes of people have naturally crooked teeth. Orthodontic care can get those teeth arranged so that they line up parallel to each other.

2. Crowded Teeth

Restorative Dental Smile | Davenport Dental Group | Laredo, TX

Crowding is another common issue. The conditions for this can occur long before your permanent teeth erupt. It depends on how your jaw develops and when your primary teeth fall out.

3. Gaps in Your Smile

Just like crowding, gaps can form in your smile based on your jaw shape, when you lose teeth, and when permanent teeth come in.

4. Bite Problems

Overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites are all issues we have fixed with clear aligners.

What can OrthoFX do for your smile? Contact us online, or call the location nearest to you at 956-517-2695 for our Winfield office.