You want to make the most of your visits to your general dentist. Visiting a practice, like Davenport Dental, that has invested in beneficial technology can make your appointments better.

If you live in or near Laredo, TX, you should know about some of the ways we put technology to work for patients like you.

1. Digital X-rays

Film X-rays require higher levels of radiation to create images of your teeth. With digital X-rays, we can see those images much faster, and the radiation is significantly lower than with film X-rays.

2. Intraoral Cameras

Human eyes can see a lot, but our intraoral cameras can see more. Using these tiny cameras, we can give a close-up view of your teeth and see your mouth from new angles. As a result, we are more likely to find problems in the early stages.

3. Cavity-Detecting Cameras

These cameras are designed to detect tooth decay before it is visible to the naked eye. This allows you to treat cavities much sooner.

4. CEREC Crowns

If you need to repair a broken tooth, you don’t want to wait weeks to do so. By coming to our practice, you can get a CEREC same-day dental crown.

You deserve the best dental care that we can provide. This is why we incorporate beneficial technology into your dental care.

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