Your healthy smile is a gift that you give yourself and to the people in your life. To keep your smile looking its best, you need to make dental visits part of your oral care routine. To make that easier for you, sign up for our Dental Membership Club in Laredo, TX.

As a member, you receive:

  • Two dental cleanings annually (3-4 cleanings with the perio membership)
  • One or two professional exams each year
  • One emergency dental exam
  • X-rays (as determined by your dentist)

Plus, you are eligible for a 20 percent discount on many other services at Davenport Dental Group.

Discover the benefits of membership for yourself and your smile! Contact us online, or call either of our locations. Dial 956-242-6745 for our Junction Drive office or 956-517-2695 for our Winfield office.

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