If you think about it, not all medical emergencies are life-threatening. People legitimately visit the ER for treatment to avoid further damage to their bodies – a broken arm or leg, for instance – and for relief of pain associated with those injuries. A dental emergency falls into the same category; however, there’s typically very little a physician can do to resolve the problem. That is not true of Dr. Dick Davenport of Davenport Dental Group in Laredo, TX.

A dental emergency is a true emergency, and getting professional treatment may be the only way to avoid the unnecessary loss of one or more teeth.

Davenport Dental Group Is Here To Help

A dental emergency is any situation that involves:

  • Severe pain in the mouth, especially when chewing
  • Pain that has subsided in your tooth
  • Discoloration like a bruise
  • A tooth that has been broken or knocked out
  • A tooth that has fallen out “on its own”
  • An injury to the tongue, the lip, the inside of the cheek, or the gums
  • Bleeding from your mouth (if you can’t stop the bleeding, please visit your local emergency room)
  • A damaged or loose dental restoration

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, please contact one of our Laredo, TX dental office at once. You can call our Junction Drive office at 956-242-6745 or our Winfield office at 956-517-2695. We offer same-day and next-day appointments at both locations.

How We Can Help

When you receive emergency services from Davenport Dental Group, our first priorities will be to assess your situation and then take prompt action to relieve any pain you may be experiencing.

Along those lines, don’t try to tough out dental pain! It’s always a sign that something is wrong, and the longer you wait to receive professional care the greater the risk of the situation becoming worse. When it comes to dental emergencies, time equals teeth in many cases.

Depending on your needs, you may receive:

  • A replacement restoration (a filling, inlay or onlay, or a crown)
  • Root canal therapy to remove any infection and save the tooth
  • A recommendation for a replacement tooth
  • Medication for dental infections
  • Nitrous oxide inhaled dental sedation to help you remain calm
  • Additional comfort measures
  • Self-help recommendations

Marilyn’s Story

“Well, before they did the implant, I was having a lot of trouble with a tooth that was fairly close to the front and it hurt. It hurt and I knew something was wrong and that it had to come out or something had to be done. I was in such bad shape. It was during Christmas and they knew I was hurting, so they got me in right away, then started the process.

They told me, step-by-step, what was going to happen, who was going to do what, and the time that it would take. They gave me an estimate on the whole procedure as to what it would cost with the other professionals working on me.

My smile was very important to me and now I’m confident with it. I would go around with my hand on my face because I had to go without a tooth for a little while. It was intimidating but now I don’t feel that way. I’m confident and I like my teeth.”

Don’t Take Chances With Your Teeth

In any emergency dental situation, take action immediately. If you think you need to be seen, you probably do. Contact either Davenport Dental Group office at once. Call our Junction Drive office at 956-242-6745 or our Winfield office at 956-517-2695.