If your holiday shopping list includes sports gear, you’ll want to include a custom mouthguard for each recipient. It’s the best way to protect the smiles of the ones you love. 

About 5 million teeth are knocked out each year. Sports-related accidents account for a good number of them. Lots of teeth get broken or cracked too. If that statistic doesn’t convince you of the importance of mouthguards, maybe this short video with actor Joe Manganiello will. In an interview with Kelly Clarkson, he shows what a childhood sports injury did to his smile

Unlike store-bought guards, our sports mouthguards are made using dental impressions. This means they fit perfectly, without a frustrating “boil-and-bite” process. They’ll stay in place, even if the wearer takes a hard hit. They are also comfortable, so your loved one won’t mind wearing one. 

In addition to athletic mouthguards, we also provide custom-made mouthguards that stop teeth grinding. Worn at night while you sleep, they prevent grinding-related damage to teeth. Plus, they relieve headaches, jaw pains, and other issues related to grinding. 

If you need a custom mouthguard, contact us online, or call the location nearest to you: Junction Drive ( at 956-242-6745) or Winfield (956-517-2695 ).