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Today we want to talk about how you can boost your oral health and better your smile simply by making better choices when it comes to consumption.

Obviously, a checkup every 3-6 months is a wise decision. So, we look forward to seeing you sooner than later in-person. But until then, here are some things to watch out for…

Ice Cubes

Ok, we admit that water in liquid form is quite good for your smile. The same can not be said about ice cubes. Ice is hard. Chewing it can seriously damage your teeth. The chance of breaking a tooth is real and chewing ice also wears down the enamel of your teeth. This could lead to hot/cold sensitivity issues and decay. It can also create problems for your gums. Chill out, when it comes to ice consumption!

Soft Drinks

Iced tea will stain your teeth, over time, if it is a daily habit. And with as much sugar as a can of regular soda pop contains, it is not the best thing for your teeth. Many sodas also contain caramel and fructose, which is basically sugar that coats and sticks to your teeth.

Don’t be fooled by diet options either. Even though diet soda doesn’t have “sugar,” all soda is high in acidity. That acid can erode your enamel, making cavities much more likely to appear.

Coffee & Hot Tea

Yes, coffee and tea can give your body an energy boost, but they gradually stain your teeth, turning your once pearly whites into an ugly brown or yellow color. Even worse than that, most coffee drinks (along with sweet tea) have so much sugar in them, they’re as bad for your teeth as a fountain Pepsi!


The primary problem with alcoholic drinks (besides weight gain, bad decisions, hangovers, etc.) is that they dry out your mouth.

When drinking booze, your mouth won’t produce the right amount of saliva, which you will need to help wash away particles of food or drink from your teeth and gums.

Plus, certain alcoholic drinks are loaded with sugar making them bad for your teeth. And, consider this: if red wine is your preferred poison, you will also be staining your teeth.

Sports Drinks

Dr. Davenport will be the first to tell you that sports drinks, like Gatorade, are really meant to be consumed only after you’ve been sweating a lot. This is why they contain carbohydrates, which is really just another form of sugar. Gatorade might not taste as sweet as pop, but it can still do the same damage to your teeth. In this sort of situation, water is always your better choice. Fluoride-fortified water is even better!


This snack has had quite a second act outside of the movie theater. Often billed as a health food, popcorn can still be dangerous to those who consume it. Here’s the reason: bits of popcorn can get stuck between your teeth, which is where harmful bacteria are lurking. The dangerous bacteria can thrive by feeding on the tiny pieces of popcorn stuck there, increasing your risk of cavities and gum disease.

Also there is always a possibility that you will bite into an unpopped kernel which is hard enough to damage or break your teeth. Dr. Davenport has handled many dental emergencies that were linked to popcorn! So, beware!

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Now you know some of the dangers that are waiting to damage your smile. But the best protection, besides making better decisions, is to enlist Dr. Davenport for all your dental health needs.

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