March is almost over, which means spring is just a few weeks away. Sure, it’s been warmer lately thanks to the Texas weather, but this season traditionally means spending more time outside playing sports, enjoying gatherings, and more.

It also means spring cleaning, and not just for your home. Your family’s teeth and gums need a good spring cleaning as well. Call our Laredo, TX dentist offices today at 956-242-6745 (Junction Drive) or 956-517-2695 (Winfield) and make a new family dental appointment. Our team knows how to help everyone feel welcome and relaxed here, and our dentists’ training and expertise are just the thing to keep your family’s smiles bright and healthy.

Why Cleanings Are Needed

There are really two reasons why people clean their houses during the spring. For one, the family spends much more time indoors when the weather too cold. But it’s also a great reminder. Spring arrives, and you know to do those tasks that you don’t worry about every week like cleaning the fridge or stove.

That’s why spring is also time to get your family’s teeth cleaned and examined. By brushing and flossing, your family is doing the daily cleaning that’s needed. But they do not have a dentist’s training, tools, or technology. That’s why everyone needs to see their dentist every six months.

At Davenport Dental Group, you can bring your whole family, even children as young as three years old. Sure, baby teeth will fall out eventually, but it’s never too early help kids see the dentist’s office as a safe place to visit.

Protect Your Family’s Smiles

Here are some of the treatments that can strengthen teeth so they can better resist more damage in the future.

  • Dental crowns: Simply put, these are amazing. These caps are shaped and colored to look like a healthy tooth. They cover any weak spots or damage in the enamel, making sure they don’t grow worse over time. Dental crowns also add a layer of “armor” to make the tooth stronger.
  • Dental bridges: If you are missing a tooth, your smile is incomplete and can be more prone to damage. A dental bridge holds a replacement tooth in that gap without oral surgery by bonding it to the teeth on either side of the space.
  • Tooth-colored fillings: Cavities are holes in your enamel, which weakens the protective layer. These days, you can get composite fillings that strengthen a tooth while blending in with the existing enamel.
  • Root canal therapy: An infected tooth gets weaker from the inside out, increasing the risk of damage to the enamel. But root canal therapy gently and carefully removes the infection so the tooth stays stronger.
  • Dental implants: When a tooth goes missing, the bone under that space deteriorates and gets weaker. But a dental implant comes with an artificial root that stimulates the bone tissue there and helps keep it strong.

Look Great For Big Events

Sports aren’t the only thing happening in spring. Including summer, there are many big events going on: Graduation parties, weddings, family reunions, and more. How does your family want to look when they smile? These days, people take and share so many photos that any unsightly smiles will be immortalized. To help your family smile more, here are some cosmetic dentistry treatments that can help.

  • ClearCorrect “invisible” orthodontics: Teens and adults both deserve straight, aligned teeth. Thankfully, your family doesn’t have to get metal braces anymore! ClearCorrect is a modern orthodontic treatment that uses trays made from smooth, clear plastic. They give you a straight smile but are almost invisible when worn.
  • Zoom professional-strength teeth whitening: No one likes smiling when they have stained, discolored teeth. Those kits in stores can damage your teeth despite being diluted to be sold over the counter. Instead, ask Dr. LoCascio about Zoom teeth whitening. This professional-strength system is safe for your teeth and gives you a dazzling, healthy-looking smile.
  • Tooth bonding: What can you do when a tooth is worn or oddly shaped? These treatments add a tooth-colored resin to fill in worn areas. You end up with teeth that look strong and beautiful.
  • Dental veneers: Need a drastic change quickly? Dental veneers are thin but incredibly strong shells for the front of your teeth. Dr. Davenport will have these shaped to match your teeth. Once bonded, they hide any stains or damage so your smile looks amazing in all those pics.
  • Smile makeover: It’s common to have more than one cosmetic problem with your smile. In these cases, Dr. Davenport will work with you to create a smile makeover. This is a plan to use as many cosmetic dentistry treatments as you need but in the right order. This can end up saving you time and money.

And remember, cosmetic dentistry treatments like this can do more than just help people look good in photos. Knowing that your smile looks healthy and amazing will improve everyone’s self-esteem and confidence. Treatments like dental veneers can even make your smile look better while making it stronger at the same time.

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