Fight Back Against Your Tooth Infection

If someone said you needed a root canal, what words would come to mind? Painful? Scary? Anxiety? That’s is the perception of root canal treatments, but the reality is much different. That’s especially true a high-tech practice like Davenport Dental Group. Your tooth infection can be treated painlessly and without fear or worry. To ...

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Zoom! To A Brighter, Whiter Smile (video)

You want to make a simple change to feel more confident about sharing your smile on social media or at a summer get-together with family and friends. Professional teeth whitening may be the perfect solution for you. At Davenport Dental Group, you can use Zoom! whitening at our office to remove stains from your teeth. If you want a whiter smile, ...

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Can Veneers Give You A Smile Makeover? (quiz)

You want a more beautiful smile. We want you to be happy with your teeth. Dental veneers can accomplish both goals. Veneers are a versatile, fast, and effective way to give your smile a makeover. To find out if they could help you, answer a few questions below. Then set up a consultation at Davenport Dental Group. Contact either of our ...

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Treat Your Smile Right With A Tooth Filling

We have some bad news. If you’ve never had a cavity, odds are you probably will in the future. More than 93 percent of people have at least one cavity during their lives. Maybe you’ll be among the lucky 7 percent that never has damage from tooth decay, but just in case, we want you to be prepared. We can give you a tooth filling that ...

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Why Wait? Get A Same-Day Dental Crown Instead (video)

Demi had a simple reason for coming to Davenport Dental Group when she needed a crown. “To get a crown done in other places it takes like three weeks for them to get it for you. Here it’s actually in one day not even like two hours. So I was literally in and out with my crown,” she said. Using the CEREC system, we can create your ...

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Athletic Mouthguards Save Your Winning Smiles

A lot of parents tell us that sports have become a year-round activity. You want to celebrate your children’s successes and encourage them in defeat. Whether your children change sports with the seasons or focuses on one sport, we hope they are wearing athletic mouthguards when they take the field or the court. No matter how they perform, you ...

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Take Control By Getting A Root Canal

The pain in your tooth has become unbearable. You thought it would go away on its own. Instead, it’s steadily become worse and worse. Eating is a problem now. Trying to bite or chew hurts. Even drinking coffee or a smoothie causes pain if it gets near that one tooth You’ve noticed some problems with your gums as well, and you aren’t sure ...

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Find Comfort At Our Family Dentist Office (video)

As a parent, you want your kids to be comfortable with your family dentist. Bryan B. started coming to our office because of the relationship our team has built with his son. According to Bryan, our office is a place where he and the people he cares about can get the services they need in a relaxed atmosphere. Watch the video below, then ...

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Dental Veneers Improve Smiles (infographic)

You want to make a change to your smile, and you want to see the difference pretty soon. Then you need to ask about dental veneers. These are one of the most versatile and effective cosmetic services that we offer at Davenport Dental Group. You can correct one or more issues in just a matter of weeks with our porcelain and Lumineers ...

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Stop Teeth Grinding To Feel Better

Mary doesn’t know why, but her morning headaches are getting worse and happening more often. Sure she’s had stress at work and with her kids, but it hasn’t been any different than usual. She’s noticed other problems as well. Sometimes when she tries to eat breakfast, her jaw will hurt. Trying to chew a bagel has become a bigger problem ...

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