For a sports team, getting a victory is something that can happen in a short time. Putting together a winning streak, however, requires a sustained commitment to doing what you should to defeat your opponent. In dental care, your opponents are harmful bacteria, plaque, and tartar.

You deserve to have a winning smile. You deserve to have a healthy mouth. Our team at Davenport Dental Group is on your side. We can be your coaches, your cheerleaders, and your teammates in your effort to create and maintain your great smile.

Today, we want to discuss the steps you can take to prevent oral health problems.

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Stick to the Basics

You already know what you should do to fight cavities. The American Dental Association recommends three simple steps.

First, brush your teeth twice daily. Specifically, you should use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a pea-sized drop of toothpaste. You also should scrub for two minutes each time you brush. This gives you plenty of time to clean your teeth from all sides.

Second, floss between your teeth daily. As important as brushing is, your toothbrush is not the best way to clean between your teeth and gums. Using dental floss, flossers, or a water flosser can remove food particles and plaque from the harder to clean parts of your mouth.

Third, you should get dental checkups regularly. No one is perfect, and no one brushes as flosses perfectly every time. That’s why professional cleanings and exams are so important. This gives our team the chance to remove tartar buildup or to identify problems early, so you can treat them easily and effectively.

Shoring Up Your Smile

While having a good oral care routine is necessary, it’s also true that a vast majority of people will experience tooth decay and gum disease during their lives. This is why we welcome and encourage you to take advantage of some additional services to keep your smile in great shape.

Dental sealants are like armor for your teeth. Sealants are a kind of coating that can be used to cover teeth, making it more difficult for bacteria to harm your smile.

Fluoride treatments help in a different way. Tooth decay is the result of demineralization, which is caused by harmful bacteria. Fluoride is a mineral that can replace the lost minerals and make your teeth more resistant to decay.

Keep Your Teeth Intact

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