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Now is a great time to get outside and enjoy playing sports or just being active. It’s warm enough in the day, but it’s nice and cool in the mornings and evenings. That’s why so many leagues start in this season. But is your smile ready for all of this? One unlucky moment can leave you with cracked, chipped, or even broken teeth. This will be very painful, but it will also ruin how your smile looks to others.

That’s why you need to call Davenport Dental Group today at 956-242-6745 (Junction Drive) or 956-517-2695 (Winfield) and get a custom sports mouthguard. This fits comfortably over your teeth when you’re active, and it protects your smile from being damaged. And yes, more people should be wearing mouthguards than actually do.

Why Sports Can Hurt

Did you know that many schools and sports leagues make sports mouthguards mandatory? That’s because they know how badly an injury can damage your smile. Here are just a few cases when that could happen to you:

  • You can get hit in the face by the ball or an elbow.
  • You could get tackled or checked hard enough to slam your teeth together.
  • You could fall on the court (or when riding a bike) and land hard on the ground.
  • A bat or stick can accidentally hit your mouth.

It’s not like you’re in danger whenever you walk outside! But when you play sports, even low-impact ones like soccer can lead to accidents. And that’s the thing — no one can predict or prevent all accidents. Even if your skills are good enough to avoid problems, can you say the same for the people on the other team?

Save Your Smile

This is where a custom sports mouthguard can save your smile. Like the generic ones you can buy in stores, this fits over your teeth. The big difference? By coming to our Laredo, TX dental office, you can get one custom-fitted to your teeth in particular. Here’s how that benefits you:

  • More Comfort and Fewer Distractions: Because it fits so well, your mouthguard will be much more comfortable. That also means it won’t become a distraction when you need to focus on the game.
  • Better Protection: When a store-bought mouthguard doesn’t fit right, it can slide around. That means it’s not doing its job. But a custom mouthguard fits well enough that it stays put and does a better job at protecting your teeth.
  • More Affordable in the Long Run: Sure, you can get a generic one in sporting goods stores more cheaply. However, you get what you pay for. A customized guard works better, so you end up saving in the long-run because you don’t have to pay for dental crowns or other repairs.
  • More Likely to Be Worn: If your mouthguard is uncomfortable, you might forget about it because you don’t want to wear it. But when you get one that fits well, you are more likely to want to wear it. That can lead to more protection as well.

Call us today at 956-242-6745 (Junction Drive), 956-517-2695 (Winfield), or use our convenient online form to schedule your next visit for a custom sports mouthguard. Whether you play football or just ride a bike, you deserve the best protection for your smile that you can get.

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