Save Your Teeth AND Restore Your Smile! 

Missing teeth and damaged teeth affect more than just your smile.

Missing teeth can lead to a lot of complications in your mouth. There’s a tendency to chew on the side with more teeth which leads to added stress on those teeth. The one-sided chewing also causes muscle strain, which can lead to headaches. The tooth opposite the missing tooth continues to grow, which can lead to problems with your bite. Finally, the neighboring teeth, which had been kept in alignment by the now-missing tooth, may begin to drift.

Damaged teeth are another story. They’re painful to chew on, which can lead to most of the problems listed for missing teeth. Damaged teeth are prone to infection, either due to the enamel being cracked or because a dental filling has dislodged. In some cases, the damage is due to dental infection, which requires professional attention if you’re going to save that tooth.

And depending on where the missing or damaged teeth are located, it can feel awkward and embarrassing to smile. That can have negative effects on your social life and your professional life.

Missing and damaged teeth can definitely cause problems. The question is, what to do about them?

Dental Restorations Are the Answer

Dental restorations are designed to return a tooth to its natural appearance and functioning, or to replace one or more missing teeth with a functional and realistic-looking appliance. Two common dental restorations are dental crowns and dental bridges.

Dental Crowns

When a tooth is badly decayed, or broken due to injury, a dental crown can restore and protect it against further damage. All the crowns that we use are made of strong, durable porcelain for the most realistic appearance. If your tooth is infected, our doctors can perform a root canal to remove all traces of infection and then cover the tooth with a crown.

Crowns are created by first taking an impression of the tooth and then cleaning and preparing it. The hollow crown, created from the impression, is fitted over your tooth and invisibly cemented in place.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a tested and proven approach to replacing one or more missing teeth. A bridge is a single unit consisting of three or more dental crowns. In a fixed dental bridge the end crowns, which are hollow like single crowns, fit over and are bonded to your natural teeth on either side of the gap. The middle, solid, crown or crowns act like replacement teeth to fill the gap. With the replacement tooth or teeth in place, the opposite teeth will stop growing and the neighboring teeth will stop drifting.

Implant-supported bridges are secured to dental implants that are placed through your gum and into the underlying bone. This is an extremely strong and durable method of replacing missing teeth.

Dental crowns and bridges will last 10 years or more with care, making them relatively inexpensive options for restoring your ability to eat comfortably and to smile without embarrassment.

Don’t Live With Pain or Embarrassment Any Longer

All of us at Davenport Dental Group want you to have your most beautiful smile and to be able to eat the foods you love without discomfort. If you have damaged or missing teeth, there’s no need to feel embarrassed. Our focus is on restoring your mouth to be the best it can be.

If you’re ready to smile again without embarrassment and to eat comfortably, make an appointment by calling one of our Laredo, TX area offices. You can reach our Junction Drive office at (956-242-6745) and our Winfield Office at (956-517-2695).