You want a healthy smile today, tomorrow, and 10 years from now. To do that, you need to care for your teeth, and professional dental care needs to be part of your oral care routine.

At Davenport Dental Group, we try to make that easier for you. Here’s how:

Join Our Club

When you sign up for our Dental Membership Club, you can save money while saving your smile. As a member, your cleanings are included and you can get discounts on a variety of services.

Visit Us Regularly

As with many parts of life, preventing problems is your best plan. It’s the reason you change the oil in your car or truck regularly. Doing maintenance on your smile will help you maintain your oral health.

Treat Problems Quickly

Statistically, you are going to develop a cavity, a gum infection, or both. When problems like this arise, your best option is to treat them as soon as you can. After all, a dental filling is less expensive than a root canal, which itself is less expensive than having a tooth removed and replaced.

To schedule an appointment at our Laredo, TX practice, contact us online, or call the location nearest to you at 956-242-6745  for our Junction Drive office or 956-517-2695 for our Winfield office.