We understand that you may not want Christmas gift ideas from your family dentist in Laredo, TX. We also know that you want your loved ones to have healthy smiles long after the holidays are over.

With that in mind, we hope you and your loved ones will visit Davenport Dental Group in the year ahead. Professional cleanings complement the recommendations below to keep you happy and healthy.

Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush can make brushing easier for older adults. Many kids also find that electric toothbrushes make daily oral care more fun.


Less than half of all people follow the ADA recommendation to floss daily. Many people just don’t like using dental floss. Flossers can make this easier because they have short handles.

Sugar-Free Gum

This sugar-free gum with ​​xylitol can block plaque build-up that leads to cavities. Chew a piece after a meal or a snack when you can’t brush.

Travel Toothbrush Case

Anyone who travels a lot needs a convenient way to bring a toothbrush with them on trips. This is a good way to protect it while you are on the move.

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