Today is as good a day as any to talk about crooked teeth.

Misaligned teeth can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. This can be especially true in social and professional situations.

You may know that more adults have tried orthodontic treatments, but you may find the idea of wearing braces a little childish. You aren’t being critical of adults who have braces. They just aren’t for you.

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ClearCorrect could provide a more grown-up approach to straightening your teeth that you want.

What Is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect is a new approach to straightening teeth that are misaligned. Instead of brackets and wires, ClearCorrect users wear a series of transparent, plastic aligners on their teeth.

The aligners are intended to be worn in a specific order. This allows them to gradually push your teeth in the directions they need to go.

With proper use, you will end up with the straight smile that you have always wanted.

For working professionals, ClearCorrect has some notable advantages over traditional braces. We will discuss benefits below.

The Benefits Of ClearCorrect

Most of us had at least one friend who wore braces when we were teenagers. When his or her treatment was finished, you probably would say that his or her smile did look straighter and nicer.

Straight, evenly spaced teeth are just more aesthetically pleasing. Now, you also may remember that wearing braces was not always a pleasant experience for your friend.

While we won’t pretend that wearing ClearCorrect is all sunshine and roses, we do think you will appreciate the advantages of this approach compared to braces. Here are some things you may want to consider:

★ Clarity

We already mentioned this earlier, but it’s worth noting again: ClearCorrect uses transparent aligners. This can be a big benefit from a psychological standpoint.

Let’s consider the alternative option for a moment. With traditional braces, you will have metal brackets attached to your teeth. You will have metal wires connecting those braces to one another.

This is not something you will be able to conceal when you are speaking to your coworkers or a prospective client. It could be a distraction in some cases.

In contrast, ClearCorrect aligners will fit neatly over your teeth. When they are in place, they will be practically invisible. A vast majority of people will never notice that you have them on.

This can make meetings at work and face-to-face encounters with current clients and potential customers easier for you and less distracting for them.

★ More Comfortable

We have mentioned the emotional comfort that can come from wearing ClearCorrect, but what about your physical comfort?

Think about your friends who wore braces. They may have mentioned how their teeth felt sore when they first got their braces … and again each time they returned to the dentist or orthodontist to have their braces adjusted.

Other people find braces uncomfortable for different reasons. Some people find the brackets scratchy on the soft tissues of their mouth. Accidents and injuries can cause braces to break, which can create a new set of issues. A broken wire, for example, could have a sharp end that could cut or poke into your check, lips, or gums.

With ClearCorrect aligners, you won’t have any of those concerns. The individual aligners are made of a smooth piece of plastic. They don’t have any metal, and they don’t have any small parts that can break and cause other problems.

★ More Convenient

We need to be honest about something. Braces work, but they aren’t the most convenient thing to wear during your treatment.

With braces, we already mentioned that you will be making frequent visits so a dentist or orthodontist can make adjustments as needed. Brushing and flossing your teeth become more complicated with braces, too. You may have to learn to use new tools to keep your mouth healthy.

And last but not least, you will have to give up certain foods for the duration of your treatment. This is so you don’t bite into something too hard or too chewy that could get stuck in your braces or cause them to break.

With ClearCorrect, your life will be a lot simpler. You need to keep the aligners in most of the time, but you can remove them during meals and during your regular oral hygiene routine.

This means you can eat what you want, and you can brush and floss just like you normally would. The only difference is you will need to clear your aligner as well.

Think Clearly

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