How long will you let that cavity ruin your smile? How many years ago did you get that metal filling … which continues to serve as a reminder of the ghost of tooth decay past?

You don’t have to let your old cavity keep haunting your smile.

Instead, you can visit our Laredo, TX, dentist offices to get a tooth-colored dental filling. This can restore the function of your tooth and fix your smile at the same time. Whether you need a filling for a new cavity or a replacement for an old filling, Davenport Dental Group can help.

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The Downside Of Metal Fillings

Metal fillings have helped dental patients for hundreds of years. Metal fillings do an excellent job of restoring the function of a tooth that has been damaged by tooth decay.

They seal the tooth. They restore your ability to chew and bite with the tooth that had the cavity. And metal fillings help to protect against more decay until they wear out. (No one has developed a lifetime filling just yet.)

From a cosmetic standpoint, however, metal fillings can create their own problems.

These kinds of fillings are typically gold or amalgam. (Amalgam is a blend of mercury and one or more other metals, such as copper, silver, and tin.)

When you have metal fillings, it can create a shine you might not want in your smile. Amalgam fillings can even start to turn dark as they get older, which might make your smile look worse than having a metallic shine in some of your teeth.

Upgrade To A Tooth-Colored Filling

Modern dentistry has come so far in the past 100 years. We sometimes wonder what a dentist from that time or even 100 years before that would think if he or she walked into one of our offices in Laredo, TX.

As amazing as modern equipment can be, we suspect our dental ancestors would be just as impressed by our tooth-colored dental fillings. These fillings are made of a composite resin, which can be shaded to match the color of your tooth.

After the decay is removed from your tooth, the resin is used to fill the cavity. Next, we can harden the resin so that it functions like a natural part of your tooth while blending in as a natural-looking part of your smile.

This way, other people won’t be distracted by the metal in your teeth, and you won’t have a constant reminder of your cavity every time you look in the mirror.

Should You Replace Your Old Dental Filling?

One thing that can help decide is making regular visits to Davenport Dental Group.

When you come for your dental cleanings and exams, we can check the condition of your fillings to let you know if they may need to be replaced.

Here’s what we will be looking for:

◼ chips

◼ cracks

◼ separation

◼ wear and tear

As we noted above, the lifetime filling has not yet been developed. Over time, dental fillings can be damaged and this can make them less effective.

A chip, a crack, normal wear, and separation can leave parts of your natural tooth exposed. If bacteria that cause tooth decay get into these spaces, you may not be able to remove them with your regular brushing and flossing.

Over time, your filling can fall out completely.

If we notice any of these problems, we will let you know so you can have your filling replaced before another problem develops.

Should You Replace Your Metal Fillings For Cosmetic Reasons?

This is a question you have to decide for yourself.

From a purely functional standpoint, you can leave your metal fillings in until they can no longer protect your tooth against additional decay.

If you are bothered by the way they affect your smile, that’s something you can discuss with one of our dentists. You know that you will need to replace your metal filling eventually. If you choose to replace it sooner rather than later, it may help you feel more comfortable when you smile.

Need A Filling Or Want To Avoid One?

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