We realize that dentists make some people nervous. That’s why we go to great lengths to make sure that our Laredo, Texas dentist’s office is a welcoming environment, where everyone is made to feel welcome and comfortable.

So, even if you have been away for a while, or are experiencing some level of dental anxiety (a very real and dangerous condition), we can help you get the dental care you deserve without any hassles or discomfort. There certainly won’t be any lectures, either. The main goal is to objectively assess your situation and begin working to get your oral health back on track ASAP.

Besides extending the standard courtesies and putting you in contact with well-trained, compassionate professionals, we also have modern dentistry tools, and a good method for relaxation at our disposal. With us looking after your dental needs, you won’t be subjected to any antiquated procedures or painful measures.

Plus, around here, we can provide you with dental sedation to help you get through your planned procedure. Depending on the length and number of treatments, along with your level of anxiety, this may be something you should consider.

The bottom line is that our three great dentists at the Davenport Dental Group care about YOU. Because there is so much at stake, we make it our mission to make it easy for you to come in for a checkup (or any other service) when you are supposed to. By NOT maintaining regular dental visits, you are putting yourself at risk for serious cases of gum disease, dental infection, tooth decay, and more. We know from experience that it can be unpleasant and costly to clean up such a mess. So, don’t let it come to that!

Fear is not the only factor when it comes to sedation dentistry. Just so you know, sedation is also a great way to help anyone who has trouble sitting still, has sensitive teeth or gums, or has a low tolerance for pain and needles, and so forth.

Inhaled sedation

To ease your fears, we have inhaled sedation using laughing gas. It can definitely help you feel more at home while you are here.

How does it work? The gas will be administered to you through a non-invasive mask that rests gently over your nostrils. It’s easy and pain-free. You will just breathe normally throughout your procedure, and our team can regulate the amount of sedation you receive.

This sedation method works well for anyone with mild anxiety and can be used in conjunction with any of our dental services. Sounds good, right?

Other Comfort Options

In addition to inhaled sedation, we feature: local anesthesia, televisions in the operatories, modern tools, and technology. And, as we alluded to, our caring staff actually listens to your concerns and attends to your special needs.

Take Back Your Oral Health!

If you suffer from dental anxiety or believe that sedation dentistry can help you relax better, just let us know when you make your next appointment at Davenport Dental Group. You can schedule your next visit to our Laredo, TX dentist’s office by filling out our online form.