Get the Help You Need For Imperfect Implant Treatment

We understand if you’ve gone elsewhere for your implant treatment. Not every dental implant candidate is going to choose us for their treatment the first time around. However, we hope you’ll come to us if you’re not happy with the outcome of your previous care; we’d love to help you get your smile back.

No matter what shape your teeth and your smile are in, our dentists are up to the task. Dr. Davenport has been taking care of his patients for 32 years, so he knows a lot about dental implant treatment. He and our other skilled dentists and team members can relieve your discomfort and get your smile back on track. All you have to do is contact us for an appointment.

We don’t want you suffering with a botched implant treatment any longer than necessary, so we’ll get you in as soon as possible if you’re in pain. Just let us know when you call. We’ll get you in the same day if at all possible, or we’ll schedule you for the following day.

When you come in, making you feel comfortable and relaxed will be our priority. You can take advantage of distractions such as TV and wireless headphones to help you feel right at home.

If you’re nervous about your visit, we’ll be happy to administer inhaled sedation in the form of laughing gas. In a matter of moments, it will help you feel relaxed from head to toe. Our patients love this method of sedation because it wears off quickly afterward, and there are no residual side effects.

You can trust Davenport Dental Group for your botched dental implant treatments in Laredo, TX. Call us today at 956-242-6745 to schedule an appointment.