Choose Tooth Bonding on Junction Drive in Laredo for a Beautiful Smile

If you’re looking for a cosmetic solution that’s quick, painless, and affordable, our tooth bonding on Junction Drive in Laredo, TX could be your answer to a more beautiful smile. Our skilled dentists at Davenport Dental Group have the expertise you need to upgrade the appearance of your teeth with this fast cosmetic dental treatment. It can:

  • Preserve your tooth enamel
  • Deliver quick results in a single appointment
  • Give you a better smile that lasts years
  • Match your desired tooth color
  • Be adjusted if necessary down the road

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Cover a Multitude of Smile Imperfections With Dental Bonding

Our tooth bonding procedure uses a composite resin to cover or correct several imperfections in your smile. It’s often recommended to:

  • Match the color of a tooth to the rest of your smile
  • Make your smile more even
  • Repair small cracks or chips on individual teeth
  • Lengthen short teeth
  • Smooth out rough spots on your teeth
  • Fill in small gaps between your teeth

All this procedure takes is a steady, artful application of composite resin to the surface of your tooth. Our dentists apply the resin, set it with a special light, and polish it – that’s it!

Cosmetic bonding and dental veneers are often compared because they can solve similar cosmetic problems. Like veneers, bonding doesn’t hurt. The difference lies in their application and the severity of the cosmetic problems they can solve. While bonding is a simple procedure designed to fix small blemishes, dental veneers require more planning and precise placement. They can correct larger, more serious cosmetic flaws and offer a longer-term solution.

If you’re ready to correct your cosmetic blemishes with tooth bonding on Junction Drive in Laredo, call 956-242-6745 to schedule a cosmetic consultation with one of our doctors. If you don’t have insurance, ask about how our membership club can save you money on your cosmetic procedures.

Common Questions About Tooth Bonding

Is tooth bonding the same as veneers?

Tooth bonding isn’t the same thing as veneers. Both solutions can conceal imperfections like chips and stains. With bonding, our dentists apply tooth-colored composite to hide flaws. The process can usually be completed in one appointment. In contrast, veneers are custom-made dental restorations that are created for you in a lab.

How long does tooth bonding last?

Your lifestyle can affect how long cosmetic bonding lasts. Unlike veneers, bonding may stain if you smoke or consume lots of staining substances like coffee. Bonding is also more prone to chips and similar issues. Still, with proper care, you can expect a dental bonding treatment to last several years.

How much does tooth bonding cost?

Cost is one of the key advantages of a dental bonding treatment. Bonding offers a more affordable alternative to dental veneers. However, you will want to consider the lifetime cost as well as the immediate cost. Veneers last longer than bonding, often many years longer. No matter which treatment you choose, we offer several payment options including third-party financing.