Your Emergency Dentist On Junction Drive In Laredo Will Stop Your Dental Pain

No one plans to need an emergency dentist on Junction Drive in Laredo. But when emergencies happen, Davenport Dental Group is here for you. Our experienced dental team will get you out of pain and prevent complications from your injury or infection.

Emergency dental care is not the same as emergency medical care; you don’t need to be in a life-threatening situation to give us a call. If you think you need urgent dental care, you probably do! Call us right away so we can:

  • Get you out of pain as soon as possible
  • Guard your smile against additional damage
  • Potentially save your natural tooth

We have same-day and next-day appointments to serve you. Call our emergency dentist now at 956-242-6745! Be sure to join our membership club if you don’t have insurance. You’ll get coverage on preventive care and one emergency exam, as well as other benefits, for a low monthly fee.

Restore Your Smile With Emergency Dental Care

There’s no reason to suffer from mouth pain! We offer a variety of services that will help you. Some of our emergency services include:

  • Root canal therapy to treat infections that have reached the pulp of your tooth
  • Same-day dental crowns to repair damage or large cavities
  • Nonsurgical gum disease treatment to eliminate periodontal infection
  • Tooth replacement options such dental bridges

We ensure you feel completely at ease while you are here. You won’t feel a thing thanks to our local anesthetic. We also have sedation, if desired, to keep you comfortable.

Know When to See Us for an Emergency

It can be difficult to know when you should call us with an urgent dental care situation. If you’re unsure what counts as an emergency, be sure to call us if you experience any of the following:

  • A tooth that has been broken or knocked out
  • A tooth that has fallen out due to disease
  • A tissue injury (tongue, lip, cheek, or gums)
  • A damaged or loose dental restoration
  • Severe dental pain (especially when chewing)
  • Pain that has subsided in your tooth
  • Discoloration like a bruise
  • Bleeding from your mouth (please visit an emergency room for bleeding that won’t stop)

Scheduling an appointment with your trusted emergency dentist on Junction Drive in Laredo is easy. Call 956-242-6745 for same-day care. You can also request an appointment online, though we recommend this for non-emergency appointments only.

Common Questions About Dental Emergencies

Is there urgent dental care in Laredo, TX?

Yes! You can get emergency dental care at both of our Laredo locations. In many cases, we’ll offer you a same-day or next-day appointment. With our wide range of restorative services, from same-day dental crowns to root canals, our team can resolve your problem and get you out of pain.

Can I go to the ER for dental emergencies?

While you can go to the ER for dental emergencies, they won’t be able to do much to help. Medical personnel there can’t perform dental procedures. They can, however, give you antibiotics. This can help keep a dental infection under control until you can see your dentist. If you are running a fever along with dental pain, visiting the ER may be a good idea.

Can you treat dental emergencies without insurance?

Don’t let a lack of insurance keep you from seeing us in a dental emergency! Left untreated, an emergency condition may worsen, necessitating even more costly care. We offer several payment options, including financing through CareCredit. Our Dental Membership Club keeps routine care affordable for patients without insurance. With regular care, you are less likely to ever experience a dental emergency.