Get the Help You Need For Imperfect Implant Treatment

An implant-secured bridge works well for replacing numerous missing teeth in a row. Unlike a standard set bridge, this kind of bridge anchors to two or more implants. It will fill the space in your grin and provide you a smile you can take satisfaction in.

Imagine you’re having a fun night out with a person you like hanging out with. You eventually make it to the new restaurant you’ve both wished to try, and you take a look at the food selection. Much to your dismay, there is just a limited selection of “soft” foods that you’ll have the ability to eat. Your missing teeth don’t permit decadent offerings like a thick, succulent steak or crunchy, hearty foods.

The above situation (or anything similar to it) does not need to describe you any longer. With a strong dental implant bridge, you can gain back all your chewing ability and delight in a stunning smile once more. You’ll be able to eat anything off the menu and appreciate your mealtimes without humiliation.

When you come in for your consult, your talented dentist will use advanced dental technology to design a therapy strategy that will bring back your teeth. Digital X-rays and intraoral cameras help make your care as precise as possible. Once we’ve gathered some info about your smile goals and provided you with an exam, we’ll inform you of your dental implant choices.

As with all dental implant treatments, the implants anchoring your bridge will help keep your jawbone intact. Each time you eat, your bone will be stimulated by the implants to help produce new bone cells. With a strong dental implant bridge, you will not be prone to changes in your face structure that commonly occur when you’ve had missing teeth for a while.

As you can see, La Presa, TX fixed implant bridges provide numerous benefits. Call us today at 956-517-2695 to set up a consultation to discuss them with Dr. Matt.