You May Need Just One or Two Implants to Get Your Smile Back

Sometimes when people think about dental implants, they envision getting many implants placed and replacing an entire mouth of teeth. However, dental implants work great at replacing just one tooth or a few teeth as well.

If you have a missing tooth or two, we invite you to come in soon so you can find out more about partial dental implants. We’ll happily use implants to replace just a few teeth if that’s all that’s needed; you don’t need to have all your teeth replaced to warrant our services.

Plus, dental implants and crowns or bridges work great as an alternative to a traditional fixed bridge. Rather than relying on your natural teeth for support like a traditional bridge does, an implant bridge uses two or more implants as anchors to hold it firmly in place. Also, we won’t need to modify your otherwise healthy teeth like a traditional bridge requires.

If you only need a single tooth replaced, we’ll arrange to have one implant placed in your jaw where your tooth was. After a healing and fusion period, during which new bone material grows around the implant, we’ll top it with a beautiful new crown. It will match your other teeth and blend in so perfectly that no one will be able to tell it wasn’t always there!

Implants offer benefits to your jawbone, too. The implants will actually work to keep the bone healthy and whole by stimulating it to produce new bone cells. That’s something that a traditional bridge or standard dentures won’t do.

Are you ready to get your missing teeth back? Find out more about partial implants in Laredo, TX by calling us today at 956-242-6745 to schedule a consultation. We’ll restore your smile and your bite!