Find Help Relieving Dental Anxiety on Junction Drive in Laredo

Studies show that many people fear the dentist more than flying, heights, and even spiders! We understand if you’re among them – you may have had a bad experience, or you may just be afraid of the unknown. Whatever the cause, our dentists offer help for relieving dental anxiety on Junction Drive in Laredo, TX.

At Davenport Dental Group, we have worked hard to design an office that will make you feel safe and combat dental anxiety and fear. Your care will be free of stress with:

  • Technology that minimizes pain while working quickly and quietly
  • Blankets and pillows so you can feel warm and cozy
  • Televisions in every operatory so you can enjoy a distraction
  • Wireless headphones that connect to your phone so you can enjoy a podcast or your favorite tunes while we work

We are staffed with friendly folks who will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable. Schedule an appointment by calling 956-242-6745. Longer times are available by request, plus we’re open until 5:30 most nights if you prefer an evening appointment.

Expect Comfortable & Encouraging Dental Care

Of those surveyed, 36 percent of adults reported that pain is the number one factor in their fear of the dentist. Some patients are nervous because they’re afraid their dentist will judge them. Our patients don’t have to worry about either concern, because we will:

  • Use local anesthesia to make sure you won’t feel pain during your procedure
  • Put you first by making your comfort and happiness our top priorities
  • Offer you dental sedation with laughing gas, which is great for patients of all ages, including children

It’s time to conquer your fear and get the smile you’ve always wanted! Whether you’ve been putting off a cleaning or living with broken or missing teeth, we can treat your mouth and your nerves. Plus, because we know costs of dental care can also cause anxiety, you’ll be happy to know we offer a membership club that covers the cost of your preventive care for a low monthly fee while eliminating insurance hassles. It’s ideal for patients who do not already have dental coverage.

Replace your bad memories with good ones! Choose an office that’s devoted to relieving dental anxiety on Junction Drive in Laredo, TX. Call Davenport Dental Group at 956-242-6745 or request an appointment online.

Common Questions About Relieving Dental Anxiety

How common is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is more common than you might think! A Cleveland Clinic study found that at least 1 out of 10 Americans avoid visiting the dentist because of anxiety. Even patients who don’t skip their regular appointments sometimes experience anxious moments at the dentist. Whether you feel nervous only occasionally or at every visit, we can help you relax.

How can I overcome dental anxiety?

We encourage you to tell us about your anxiety so we can work with you to manage it or even overcome it. Understanding the reasons for your unease will help us eliminate it. If the sights and sounds of the dental office bother you, for example, you may want to listen to a podcast or music while we work. You can also receive laughing gas, if desired.

Can dental issues cause anxiety?

If you don’t resolve dental issues like cavities or gum disease in their early stages, you’ll need more costly and complicated treatments to address them. This can understandably make you feel at least a bit anxious. That’s why it’s important to visit us regularly for dental exams and cleanings. These preventive services can help stop problems from ever occurring.