You Can Easily Remove Our Implant Dentures For Cleaning

If you’ve ever had conventional dentures, you’re probably aware that they don’t always fit snugly or stay in place like they should. If not properly held in place with suction or adhesive, they can come loose at an inopportune time and embarrass you. It can be tricky to eat, talk, laugh, and even sing when you have conventional dentures in your mouth.

If this has been your experience, you’ll welcome the comfort and convenience of implant dentures that you can easily remove. Although they pop out easily enough for cleaning and care, you can count on them to stay firmly in place while you’re wearing them.

The secret to their stability lies in a sturdy system of snaps and balls that allows them to be secured to a set of dental implants. Your implants will be strategically placed in your mouth to allow for optimum stability. We’ll then attach your dentures to the implants and make sure they fit perfectly and provide you the comfort you’ve been looking for.

Your new removable dental implant dentures will allow you to eat all your favorite foods without worrying about your teeth slipping around in your mouth. You can even enjoy a thick steak or crunchy, nutritious vegetables. Plus, you won’t need to use any messy adhesive to keep them in place.

When you’re ready to clean your dentures, just snap them out and take care of them. You can just as easily snap them back into place when you’re ready to wear them again. It’s that simple.

Our removable implant dentures/overdentures in Laredo, TX offer a fantastic alternative to conventional dentures. Call us today at 956-242-6745 to schedule a consultation to find out more details.