Get Your Smile Back With Dental Crowns & Bridges on Junction Drive in Laredo

We are dedicated to helping you achieve the happy, functional smile you deserve. Our dentists understand how difficult it can be to live with a damaged or missing tooth. You don’t have to suffer any longer when you let us repair your smile with beautifully crafted dental crowns and bridges on Junction Drive in Laredo. It’s possible to get your restoration in as little as one appointment!

At Davenport Dental Group, bridges and crowns are:

  • Durable – With the right care, your smile repairs could last decades.
  • Attractive – By replacing missing teeth and restoring broken ones, you’ll improve your overall appearance.
  • Functional – You’ll be able to eat and speak more clearly and without any discomfort.
  • Protective – Replacing a missing tooth will prevent its neighbors from shifting into its place. Covering damaged teeth will guard them against future harm.

To fix your smile now, call our office at 956-242-6745 for an appointment. Ask about our membership club, which can save you 20 percent on restorative treatments.

Receive Your New Crown in Just One Day

Your crown will restore the structural integrity of the tooth, protect it from future damage, and restore your appearance.  Many dental offices will require you to wear a temporary crown while you wait several weeks for a lab to create your dental restoration. Not Davenport Dental Group! With CEREC same-day crown technology, you can skip right to your final crown – in one visit.

There are a wide range of reasons we use crowns for our patients’ restorative treatments. Crowns can:

  • Repair your natural teeth if they become severely damaged or decayed
  • Restore teeth following a root canal procedure
  • Cover up a large cavity in your tooth
  • Be paired with a dental implant if you want to replace a missing tooth

Whatever reason you are coming to see us, rest assured we make it as comfortable as possible. We’ll use a local anesthetic to numb the area of the procedure. You can relax with laughing gas to ease your nerves. We also have cozy amenities such as blankets and pillows to comfort you while you’re with us.

Replace a Missing or Failing Tooth With a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge replaces a missing tooth. We offer two types of bridges:

  • Fixed Dental Bridge – This type of bridge is made of several crowns bonded together and is anchored to adjacent teeth. It can fill in the gap from one tooth or several teeth missing in a row.
  • Implant-Supported Bridge – This type of bridge is secured with dental implants. Implants are the most natural-looking way to replace missing teeth and are ideal for preserving jawbone structure, oral function, and dental health.

Recover your smile’s function with dental crowns and bridges on Junction Drive in Laredo, TX. To schedule an appointment at Davenport Dental Group, call us at 956-242-6745 today. Join our membership club if you don’t have insurance! You’ll get coverage on preventive care and discounts on services by paying a one-time activation cost and low monthly fee.

Common Questions About Dental Crowns & Bridges

Are dental crowns permanent?

The longevity of a dental crown can vary widely, depending on many factors including your oral hygiene, your diet, and where the crown is located in your mouth. We use the most durable materials for our restorations, including CEREC same-day crowns made of ceramic, so they should last for many years.

How does a dental bridge work?

A dental bridge fills the gap left by one tooth or several missing teeth with natural-looking replacement teeth called pontics. You have two choices for keeping the bridge in place: attaching the pontic to dental crowns on top of your teeth surrounding the gap, or securing it with dental implants. Using implants eliminates the need to put crowns on healthy teeth.

Will insurance pay for my dental crowns?

Insurance plans vary, so the only way to know for sure is to review your policy. We’re happy to help with that! Typically, dental insurance does pay for at least part of the cost of a dental crown. That’s because crowns are most often used to make a needed repair to a tooth. If a crown is used for a strictly cosmetic purpose, such as hiding a stained tooth, insurance probably won’t pay for it.