End Tooth Pain With Comfortable Root Canals on Junction Drive in Laredo

Root canal treatment is essentially the “bogeyman” of dentistry. It frightens a lot of people! Our root canals on Junction Drive in Laredo, TX, however, are quick, simple, and routine. With this restorative treatment, you’ll be able to:

  • Avoid losing a permanent tooth
  • Prevent nearby teeth from shifting out of space
  • Save money by avoiding more complicated procedures
  • Heal faster than you would if you had your tooth removed
  • End the pain of a nagging toothache
  • Keep your full, beautiful smile

Feel better and protect your smile at Davenport Dental Group. Call us at 956-242-6745, and our dentists will work hard to offer excellent results in our stress-free atmosphere.

Find Relief & Preserve Your Natural Tooth

The most common reason for needing a root canal is advanced tooth decay. When a tooth is infected, your surrounding gum tissue may swell, and you will experience general discomfort. Many people are afraid of seeking treatment for an infected tooth because they’re afraid the procedure will hurt. The reality is, modern root canal treatment doesn’t hurt. Our root canal therapy will:

  • Put an end to your toothache by gently eliminating the infected tooth pulp
  • Use a local anesthetic to numb the area of treatment, so you don’t feel a thing
  • Cover your tooth with a dental crown once we remove all the disease from inside your tooth

Although some dentists require you to wear a temporary crown while your new one is constructed, that isn’t the case here. Thanks to CEREC technology, we can give you a same-day crown. You’ll say goodbye to your toothache and hello to your new crown during one visit! You can also relax the whole time with the help of dental sedation, if needed.

If you have signs of a dental infection, such as a throbbing toothache, swelling, and jaw pain, don’t wait. Call 956-242-6745 now for a same-day or next-day appointment. We can save your tooth and put an end to your pain with root canals on Junction Drive in Laredo, TX.

Common Questions About Root Canals

Will a root canal stop tooth pain?

Yes, ending pain caused by an infected tooth is one of the biggest reasons to have a root canal. Your dentist will remove the infected pulp from inside your tooth that has likely been giving you a toothache. Removing the infection also allows you to keep your tooth instead of extracting it, the only other option for treatment.

What does a root canal feel like?

Root canals have somehow developed a reputation as a painful procedure. However, the truth is they typically aren’t any more uncomfortable than having a filling placed. We numb your mouth with local anesthesia and offer you laughing gas, which helps you stay calm and relaxed throughout your treatment.

Can root canals be avoided?

Yes, the good news is it’s unlikely you’ll ever need a root canal if you take good care of your teeth. Infection usually gets inside a tooth through severe decay or damage like a crack or break, necessitating a root canal. Repairing a cavity or other damage as soon as possible should prevent the need for root canal treatment.