Treat Cavities Effectively With Tooth Fillings on Junction Drive in Laredo

Stats Image About a quarter of adults have untreated cavities. Source.
When it comes to your oral health, you wonโ€™t find a more common procedure than tooth fillings on Junction Drive in Laredo, TX. Our dentists perform them routinely and make them as comfortable as possible. You can be sure that when you visit Davenport Dental Group, your smile will be in great hands!

Our composite fillings provide more than an aesthetic benefit. They can:

  • Save you the trouble of a root canal or extraction
  • Halt the spread of decay to avoid extensive damage to your gums and neighboring teeth
  • Prevent future problems that threaten your teeth and oral health
  • End your dental pain and restore comfortable oral function

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Keep Your Smile Safe With Fillings That Look Natural

A cavity is a small area of decay in your tooth. You can also develop a toothache if your cavity grows larger. During your examination, we use special technology to locate tiny cavities and fill them before they become larger areas of decay.

Composite fillings offer a durable and aesthetically appealing alternative. Because they are tooth colored, they blend right in with your smile.

To prevent dental pain and more expensive solutions, have a cavity filled while it is still small. Sometimes a cavity is too large for a filling. In that case, your tooth might require a larger restoration like a dental crown. Whichever treatment option is right for you, you can request sedation to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

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Common Questions About Tooth Fillings

Which tooth fillings are best?

We use two kinds of fillings: amalgam fillings, which are made of a blend of metals, and tooth-colored composite fillings. We often suggest using composite fillings because they require us to remove less of your natural tooth structure and look completely natural in your smile. However, metal fillings may be better for some situations. Weโ€™ll help you determine which one is right for you.

How long do tooth fillings last?

That depends on which kind of filling is used, where itโ€™s located in your mouth, your oral hygiene habits, and other factors. Metal fillings typically last much longer than composite fillings. For this reason, they may be better for hidden areas of your mouth that experience more force from chewing. With proper care, both kinds of fillings should last at least five years.

Can tooth fillings cause health problems?

Fillings prevent problems by keeping dental decay from turning into infection or causing gum disease. Though very rare, itโ€™s possible to have an allergic reaction to materials used in fillings. This typically occurs in patients with known allergies. Though the small amount of mercury in amalgam fillings is safe, you may want to choose a composite filling if you have any concerns about the long-term effects of mercury.