Preserve Your Oral Health With a Tooth Removal on Junction Drive in Laredo

Losing a tooth as an adult isn’t nearly as thrilling as it was when you still believed in the tooth fairy. However, a tooth removal doesn’t have to be traumatic, if you trust your smile to the expert dentists at Davenport Dental Group. Our preference will usually be to save your tooth, but some situations call for a tooth removal on Junction Drive in Laredo, TX.

We’ll only suggest this when it’s in your best interest to:

  • Find a lasting resolution to persistent dental problems and pain
  • Restore the health of your teeth and gums after decay or injury
  • Replace one or more teeth to improve your smile’s appearance and function

Call our office at 956-242-6745 to schedule a consultation to see if this procedure is right for you. If you’re in pain now and need emergency dentistry services, call us for a same-day or next-day appointment. We always use local anesthetic and have sedation for patients who are nervous.

We’ll Find a Solution That Eliminates Your Pain

You might be afraid that a tooth extraction causes pain, but the fact is that removing a tooth is often a source of pain relief. If you’ve been suffering with a serious toothache, a tooth removal may be the right procedure for you. However, we only recommend extraction when removing your tooth is the best way to protect your smile.

We may recommend a tooth removal procedure if you:

  • Are suffering from a severe injury
  • Have extensive damage from advanced decay
  • Have crowded teeth that are causing problems

Once your mouth has healed, we can get started on replacing your tooth. Our office has several tooth replacement options, from dental implant restorations to partial dentures, with several choices in between. Whatever you choose, your procedure will be as comfortable as possible.

A tooth removal on Junction Drive in Laredo could eliminate your dental problems. If so, Davenport Dental Group can help you decide the best replacement solution. Call us at 956-242-6745 to schedule your appointment.

Common Questions About Tooth Removal

Are tooth extractions painful?

Removing damaged teeth will eliminate pain rather than cause it. Not only that, but our patient-friendly technology and amenities keep your extraction as comfortable as possible. We will numb your mouth with local anesthesia, and you can also receive safe and effective laughing gas for relaxation

How long does it take a tooth extraction to heal?

For most simple extractions, complete healing will occur within two weeks. You’ll be able to resume normal activity much sooner than that, usually in a day or two. We’ll give you complete instructions for oral hygiene, diet, and other aspects of recovery. Encouraging blood clots to form is a key part of the process.

What can I eat after a tooth removal?

You’ll want to avoid spicy or acidic foods, as well as foods that require much chewing. For the best results, we recommend sticking to soft foods like eggs, yogurt, smoothies, and pudding for a day or two and then gradually adding firmer foods. Avoid drinking through a straw, as that can interfere with blood clotting.