Treat Cavities And End Your Pain In Laredo With Tooth Fillings

When it comes to your oral health, you won’t find a more “classic” procedure than tooth fillings. Our Laredo, TX dentists perform them routinely and have perfected the art of pain-free dentistry. You can be sure that when you visit Davenport Dental Group, your smile is in great hands!

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Our composite fillings provide more than an aesthetic benefit. Below are some advantages of treating cavities as soon as they’re discovered.

  • Tooth decay doesn’t go away on its own. Stopping it with a filling will save you the trouble of a root canal or extraction.
  • You’ll avoid extensive damage to your gums and neighboring teeth by halting the spread of decay.
  • Preventing future problems is the best way to ensure you’re able to keep your natural tooth.
  • Cavities often hurt, and treating them is a surefire way to put an end to your pain!

Call our Junction Drive office at 956-242-6745 to take care of your cavities today. Or, if Winfield is more convenient, call us at 956-517-2695. If you’re in pain, we offer same-day and next-day appointments for emergencies.

Enjoy An Attractive Solution That Will Keep Your Smile Safe

When it comes to filling a cavity at Davenport Dental Group, you have two choices. While traditional tooth filling material is amalgam, we primarily use composite resin fillings. Amalgam (metal) fillings are strong but conspicuous, while composite fillings offer a durable and aesthetically appealing alternative. Because they are tooth-colored, they blend right in with your natural smile.

A cavity is a small area of decay in your tooth. We use special technology to locate tiny cavities and fill them before they become larger areas of decay. Without treatment, your tooth might require a larger restoration, like a dental crown. You can also develop a toothache if your cavity grows, but tooth fillings does not hurt. To prevent dental pain and more expensive solutions, have a cavity filled while it is still small.

Contact our team directly to schedule an appointment for your tooth fillings. You can reach us by calling our Junction Drive location at 956-242-6745 or our Winfield location at 956-517-2695.

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