I had a root canal done. I heard about this place, so I came to get it done, because actually to get a crown done in other places it takes like three weeks for them to get it for you. Here it’s actually in one day not even like two hours. So I was literally in and out with my crown and everything. I didn’t have to come back in three weeks. So that was pretty cool.

More like my natural tooth, like normal. I walked out very pleased that it didn’t bother me, and it was my like actual tooth. All the technology here is very high-tech. I’m just like, everything is done correctly, everything is fast, everything done quickly. Everything is a lot more advanced than it is at other places, I must say.

Now you can actually know more about your own teeth and actually get a good idea of what you need and what you don’t need, and how fast you need it. They’re very good about that here. I like coming here because everyone is so nice. They make you feel welcome, they make you feel at home, they make you feel like you want to come back, so that’s why I like coming here.

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