Well, before they did the implant, I was having a lot of trouble with a tooth that was fairly close to the front and it hurt. It hurt and I knew something was wrong and that it had to come out or something had to be done. I was in such bad shape. It was during Christmas and they knew I was hurting, so they got me in right away, then started the process.

They told me, step-by-step, what was going to happen, who was going to do what, and the time that it would take. They gave me an estimate on the whole procedure as to what it would cost with the other professionals working on me.

My smile was very important to me and now I’m confident with it. I would go around with my hand on my face because I had to go without a tooth for a little while. It was intimidating but now I don’t feel that way. I’m confident and I like my teeth.

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