What got me here in the first place was a few months ago I was having a lot of problems with a crown. Every month I was going back to my old dentist and getting her to fix it, and she actually wasn’t in my insurance network. My colleague recommended that I go to Dr. Davenport. I did, and he’s in my insurance network, and he fixed up my crown the first time I saw him, so I’m really happy with what I got.

One thing that did happen, my earlier dentist had basically condemned one of my teeth to death. She said, “Okay, you’ve got like, two years and there’s nothing more I could … I can try to fix it but you’ll be very unhappy with it.” And I said to Dr. Davenport and he said, “Well, we’ll … um, you should just, ah, have this capped off.” And I said, “Well my other dentist said this tooth is going to die.” And he said, “I disagree.” And so I’d say he saved my tooth, so I’m always happy to keep all the teeth I can have.

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