They know me and I come in and they ask how my mom’s doing. My mom’s a patient here as well. Even before we get into the cleanings or we get into any of the dental work it’s always how have you been, how are you doing, how’s work, how’s your personal life. So the overall atmosphere is very embracing so you’re not … I mean no one likes to go to the dentist or everybody comes in here kind of “Ugh” but you know, I think when you get here you just kind of calm down and say “Okay well you know, I’m in good hands.” It’s not going to be a guessing game, it’s not going to be a “Well let’s just see what we can do.” It’s again going back to that consistency of them knowing me, knowing what my habits are and knowing a little bit of history on my oral health and things like that so those very simple details that they do here like remembering your name and kind of keeping up with their patients makes me at least you know, feel very confident when I come in I’m going to get good service and more importantly goal oriented service and not just “Well he’s just another head in the door” or whatever.

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