Receive Patient-Centered Care at the Davenport Dental Group Winfield Location in Laredo

At the Davenport Dental Group Winfield location in Laredo, Dr. Matthew Davenport and our team have been offering truly patient-centered care since 1990. Every day our team fulfills our mission of creating and maintaining healthy, beautiful smiles for loyal patients while providing the most satisfying patient experiences in Laredo. When your family visits us, you’ll be treated with our core values:

  • Compassion – We expect every doctor and employee to contribute to delivering an exceptional patient experience. Empathy has the capacity to heal by its effect on stress and, along with compassion and caring, is the primary influence behind patient loyalty.
  • Teamwork – At Davenport Dental Group, we are both a team and a family. We create an environment that is friendly, warm, and exciting. We encourage diversity in ideas, opinions, and points of view. We watch out for each other, care for each other, and go above and beyond for each other because we believe in each other, and we trust and depend on each other.
  • Growth – We think it’s important for employees to grow both personally and professionally. We believe that inside every employee is more potential than even the employee himself/herself realizes. Our goal is to help employees unlock that potential.
  • Happiness – One of the things that makes Davenport Dental Group different from many other practices is that we value being happy and having fun. We want to be able to laugh at ourselves. We look for both fun and humor in our daily work.
  • Passion – Passion is the fuel that drives ourselves and our practices forward. We value passion, determination, perseverance, and a sense of urgency. We are inspired because we believe in what we are doing and where we are going. We don’t take “no” or “that’ll never work” for an answer.
  • Trust – An exceptional patient experience requires complete trust between the patient and DDG staff. When we interact with patients and with each other, we are aware that we must be trustworthy. We build trust by speaking honestly and by asking questions so that we can understand one another.
  • Humility – We believe that no matter what happens, we should always be respectful of everyone.  While we celebrate our individual and team successes, we are not arrogant nor do we treat others differently from how we would want to be treated.

We respect your time, so you’ll experience virtually no wait time at our office. While you are with us, we’ll work hard to ensure you are always happy and satisfied. Ready to experience the Davenport difference? Call us today at 956-517-2695. You’ll find us at 3402 E. Del Mar Blvd., Suite 260, right across from J.B. Alexander High School.

Find the Services Your Family’s Smiles Need

Whether you need a dental exam, teeth whitening, or a same-day dental crown, we can help! We offer all of the services your family is likely to need, including:

  • General Dentistry – Services like exams, cleanings, and X-rays are essential in keeping your family’s smiles happy and healthy.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry – Improving your smile is a snap with cosmetic services like dental veneers, OrthoFX orthodontics, teeth whitening, and more.
  • Restorative Dentistry – Don’t lose damaged teeth. Save them with restorative care including root canals, tooth fillings, and same-day dental crowns.
  • Emergency Dentistry – We can usually offer a same-day or next-day appointment for your dental emergency.
  • TMJ Treatment – A custom-made mouthguard can relieve your aching jaw and other painful TMJ symptoms.
  • Tooth Removal – If you need to have a tooth extracted, we can usually do it.
  • Teeth Replacements – Your options for replacing teeth include dental implants, bridges, and dentures.

For both efficiency and patient comfort, we use some of the latest dental technology. It helps us find issues in their earliest stages, so we can treat them with the least invasive methods possible. Our high-tech equipment includes digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, and cavity-cetecting cameras

We’ll numb your mouth with local anesthesia prior to any treatment where there is the possibility of discomfort. You can relax with pillows, TVs, and other amenities while we work. You can also receive calming dental sedation if you need it.

To experience patient-centered dentistry at Davenport Dental Group at our Winfield location in Laredo, call us at 956-517-2695 to schedule your appointment.